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D. DAYS - He's in for the Long Haul.

Daniel Diaz Jr. (A.K.A.) D. Days was born and raised in the Northend of Springfield Massachusetts (Birthplace of Basketball)

"With an unequivocal desire to be heard in a sea of mainstream, as an underground gem that simply must be respected for the sheer poignancy and vividness of the raps I break my head and nights to compose. I can no longer allow my nights to be rendered sleepless due to the anxiety I feel over “never knowing” what would have happened had I tried. So here I am, Friend to many, but deaf to the ears of so many more. My goal is to change that, not hip hop, for hip hop will never change, it will always be rhyming words as best you can to convey your thoughts and stories in a manner people can relate to, but more importantly be entertained in the process of identifying with it and you……one. "

When did you first become interested in music?

I first became interested in music in the late years of elementary school and more so just before junior high. Where I'm from and my generation initially loved what we call in this region clubhouse music, but more popularly known as freestyle or house music . Artists like Stevie B. And Lil Suzy where my firsts hero's before the love transcended into Hip Hop into my high school years.

Who has influenced your sound and style?

My style and sound was influenced by greats like Nas and Big Pun. Never trying to duplicate them, but honoring that 90's East Coast sentiment they embodied.

Are you happy with the current state of Hip-Hop?

The current state of hip hop is finally beginning to do what all everlasting great ideas or concepts do, "coming full circle". As I mentioned before that "90's appeal" organic east coast nostalgia is starting to come back to the fore front with rappers like J. Cole, Big Sean, Kendrick, Skyzoo and long time vets still making great music like Nas, Jay, Jada, and Pusha to name a few, whom reinforce that energy with the roots they entrenched that these younger dudes with classic souls can grow off.

Who would you like to work with?

I'd really love to do some work with my favorites like Nas, Mega, Armageddon, Fat Joe, Nature, AZ, Em and Fifty.....before they decide to sit back as deserved and relish on their storied careers, because they are content with their accolades. I have to try catching them before they are gone. A posse cut with the entire Slaughter House would be trill to. I still have time with the new/current greats like Drake, Kendrick, Big Sean etc etc. I miss Pun man. Him and Nas share my number 1 favorite spot, so it would be sick to do a track with his son Chris Rivers. Sky is the limit when it comes to tracks I'd burn down along side with to many names I admire.


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