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1. MatT ProZack
EveyBoDy feat BaD Azz
4. On the FLoor feat Boo KaPone
5. Get the PaPer feat G-Luv of the RoaDDawGs
6. My N$GGaz 2001
7. Shanora
8. Real PlaYers feat Mr ToWn
Cali LiFe feat G-Luv of the RoaDDawGs
MC Eiht
Bad Azz
The Comrads
The Roaddawgs
Boo Kapone
Madam Brown
10. Ain't that StranGe
11. We Don't Care feat BarBara WilSon

12. The WorlD ain't ReaDy feat MaDam BroWn
      TeChneic, Boo KaPone, LiL quise
13. AnD Ahhh feat MC Eiht & the ComraDs
14. LiKe tHis
JUSt me & my DoGG
16. We Outro
RAP INDUSTRY: Tell us who Allfrumtha I is and how it started?

Binky Mack - We are a group outa Inglewood California and we got started when we 1st did a song on "The Substitute" sndtrk with Mack 10. Then we signed to Priority Records at that time.

Squeak Ru
- yeah Mack 10 got us our first deal.. but we all grew up around the same part of town ..so it was like a Inglewood thang !!!!
Bink and myself are from the same naybahood....

RAP INDUSTRY: How long have you been involved in the rap game?

Binky Mack - For a very long time, but profesionally since 96.

Squeak Ru
- about six years...I use to just say little rap's about the neighborhood and my homies my use to gather around ,,and say squeak you fresh !! so in 94'' bink and my self got together and the rest is history.....

RAP INDUSTRY: To give our members and the Industry an example of what you have accomplished as a group,
tell us what artists you've worked with ?

Binky Mack
- Everybody from Snoop Dogg to Ice Cube, Mack 10, Mystikal, Redman, C Murder, and up & coming artist like Boo Kapone, Madam Brown , and Mr. Town.

Squeak Ru - McEiht, the Roaddawgs, Dub C , CJ Mac , Comrads, Tre Dee of the Eastsiders, Jayo Felony, Ant Banks, Big Chan of Doggy's Angels, T Bone from the Lenchmob, Master P, Bad Azz , and a host of others...

RAP INDUSTRY: What influence did Mack 10, Cube, and WC have on you & are y'all still close?

Binky Mack - Yeah we cool. I talk to W.C. and Mack the most. Aint talked to Cube in a minute. That cat be doing all them movies.
But W.C. always told us to just grind, cause this is a fony business.

Squeak Ru - Cube and Dub just taught me to just do my thang!!! and try to be dam good at it.. so i got a lot of respect for those two.. next question.......

RAP INDUSTRY: What's the current situation of Hoo Bangin'?

Binky Mack - I dont even know if it is still officially a label. With Mack doing his own thang down south, i dont know. I believe all the people on the label are doing there own thing.

Squeak Ru - next question ...

RAP INDUSTRY: How do you feel about Mack 10 signing with Cash Money Records?

Binky Mack - It may work out for him, seriously & God bless him. But if it was me, it would be a step bacwards. I was cut out to be a CEO. Some of us are not tho.

Squeak Ru - no comment !!!

RAP INDUSTRY: Who and what should we expect on this new album "Uncut" [guest appearances, etc]?

Binky Mack - 'Bombay Saphire' . It is doooope... Something for every hood, suburban, and country.

Squeak Ru - the first single (everybody ) is hot .feat/ Bad Azz .. it's just good muzik.. we got my brother G Luv of the Roaddawgs,
McEiht, Gansta of the Comrads, Madam Brown , Boo Kapone..and some other dedal artist..

RAP INDUSTRY: How'd ya come up with 'Uncut ' ?
Binky Mack - Because we wasnt holding back nothing. It is just a Raw cd, but at the same time, we got a nice amount of singles on it.

Squeak Ru - that just what you get from us!!!!! (smile)

RAP INDUSTRY: It seemed like the album took a while to be released since your last .. is there
a specific reason ?

Binky Mack - Well, while looking for a distribution for Dedal Records, we just took our time. I didn't wanna be signed to Priority for 7 years. I knew the game when we 1st signed, and had figured out that signing for that amount of time was a bad move. I was just quiet about it while trying to get off the label. And everything panned out for the good.

Squeak Ru - yeah just try'n to get out of our last situation..
RAP INDUSTRY: What projects can we expect from you in the future?

Binky Mack - All Dedal artist. I am trying to build Dedal Records into the next Universal, MCA, Warner Bros. I am also working on part 2 of the WWF AGGRESSION CD, which i produced 7 songs on the 1st cd.

Squeak Ru
- The Black Republican album , and my solo album , the next Allfrumtha I and be look'n for some up and come'n Dedal artist....

RAP INDUSTRY: What artists would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Binky Mack - The Jacksons ( all the brothers ) and Marvin Gaye. hahahah. Nah, but Pharoah Monch is dope.

Squeak Ru - Dr DRE , Mary J, and anybody who wants to work with me..

RAP INDUSTRY: How do you feel about the rap game on the West coast/East coast/South ?
Who is hot at the moment?

Binky Mack - Snoop and that camp, Dre, u know. But we are ready to start eating too, so we are gonna turn some things around and also put a new label on the map. Dedal Records. The East is doing there thang too as well as the south.

Squeak Ru
- everything is hot to me !!! i just like that everybody is do'n there thing .. i like the way west,east, midwest , down south, everybody is mix'n all the sound together ..so everybody is use'n a touch of everybody in there muzik..

RAP INDUSTRY: Do you have any advice on those who'd like to get involved in the rap game?

Binky Mack - Get the money and invest it for long term reasons. It comes quick and can go quick.

Squeak Ru - learn the bizness side first !!!!!

RAP INDUSTRY: What are your thoughts on Suge Knight and Deathrow when he is released?
Think he will have an impact on the INDUSTRY?

Binky Mack - I hope so. I like Suge and the industry needs a Suge Knight. Cause all these other CEO's are fony. Well, most of them. Peace to Russell, Puff, and a few others. I'll see them at the top.

Squeak Ru - hey!!!! i will be glad just to see the brother free...

RAP INDUSTRY: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, any last words?

Binky Mack
- Yeah, God bless.

Squeak Ru - and June 26th Allfrumtha I !!!! in store's .... Weeeesssssiiiddeee!!!!!
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