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Hair: Black
Eye Color:
Ethnicity: German, Cherokee Indian and Black
Location: Atlanta, GA

From the streets of DC the journey began of one of the rarest of concrete roses struggling to find her way. Battling against all odds! From the unexpected murder of her mother at the age of 8 To the years of abuse from her drug addicted father that eventually lead her to run away. In and out of shelters and foster homes many would agree that this hazel eyed beauty had unknowingly been enrolled in the school of hard knocks. Many times turning to the streets to provide for her livelihood that eventually lead to her getting into trouble with the law. Damned or delivered? One thing was sure What the world didn t give The world couldn t take away. Her passion for life and an unsettling drive! For the first time she could no longer run from the demons that held her captive since the burial of the only stability that she knew. It was behind those cold brick walls and steel bars that many would agree that this destine star found the strength to shine!

Warmly open your heart to this lovely young lady from the nation s capital, Knasi (nahzee) "Apple" Fox. Not only will this beauty surprise you with her exotic looks and amazing body but she also has the voice of an angel. She began her road to stardom at the tender age of 3 in a Pentecostal church choir upon which she developed her unique style with blends of jazz, gospel undertones, and a flair of hiphop/r and b. It was only several years later did she began to make a buzz and became sought after by major label A&Rs. However, her flawless face and tall curvaceous figure caught the attention of model scouts out of New York City. It was there that she found the passion in front of the camera and acquired the nickname "Apple". Since then she has graced runways and developed a brand that the public can t seem to get enough of. With spreads in national magazines that are sure to grab and hold your undivided attention.

This is a story of how one very indomitable female turned challenge into triumph, pain into glory and whom continues to thrive outside of all the obstacles. By the looks of her track record nothing seems too impossible for her to achieve.

"I never identified my hustle with strength. All I knew is that I had to hustle to survive. "

I'm natural born HUSTLA!!! I do what I gotta do to get the job done. I've left worrying about what people's opinions are of me behind many years ago because at the end of the day... You are responsible for you and they are responsible for them. What's that mean? If it ever comes down to a the wire and they have to make a choice between you and them... 9 times outta 10 you better best believe that YOU aint even in the picture LOL This just who life is... You keep your friends close and your eyes on the fake ones even closer!!!

My Pet Peeves:
Hollywood. Flashy. Stuntin. Lots of mouth. LOUD. Fabricating. Booshie. Head in clouds. BLING BLING. Sex chasing. Overly aggressive.

Who I'd like to meet:
Oprah. Mya Angelou. Anybody that's had to struggle in their lifetime and has overcome!!!


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