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Archie Bang: Who Is Archie Bang?

Brooklyn, New York's, very own, Archie Bang, recently released his popular, DJ Whoo Kid hosted mix-tape, 2010 Nothing To Lose, featuring Left Coast prodigal son, Nipsey Hussle, on the stand-out track, and first single "Jealousy," which has only helped to build the growing momentum for his forthcoming, still untitled, debut solo effort...

"I did my first mix-tape, Anger Management, with DJ Messiah, and for my second project, I wanted a DJ Whoo Kid, who could get my music to more ears. So, through grinding and networking, I linked up with the Shadyville camp."

How long has music been a major part of your life?

Music has been a part of my life since I was born. I wanted to be a deejay. I got aggressive and started saving my money for a turntable off the bat, but later realized a pen and paper was much cheaper. Then I started rapping, and it just became my life.

Originally, you were born & raised in Brooklyn, New York, right?

Yes, but I also spent several years in North Miami. In fact, I was just in Tampa a few weeks ago hanging out with DJ Smallz. Mostly I lived in Miami in junior high and high school. That's what influenced my style.

Who specifically were you listening to most back then?

I was influenced by Biggie, Jay-Z, and Tupac.

How do you best sum up your overall musical vibe?

My overall musical vibe is laid back and aggressive. I walk a thin line between all areas of Hip-Hop. I refuse to get boxed in on category.

Who dubbed you Archie Bang?

My name came from me doing time, and planning my career. I listen to a lot of old soul music, and believe that those classic soul performers were the ultimate entertainers. And, in particular (that) was Archie Bell. I like the ring it had, so I turned Bell into Bang and ran with it. It was different, but it's what I wanted.

You recently aligned yourself with G-Unit's DJ Whoo Kid for your current/new mix-tape, 2010 Nothing To Lose -- How did this union even come to fruition?

I did my first mix-tape, Anger Management, with DJ Messiah, and for my second project, I wanted a DJ Whoo Kid, who could get my music to more ears. So, through grinding and networking, I linked up with the Shadyville camp. They got my music to DJ Whoo Kid. He was feeling the music, and decided to jump on the project. It was just relentless grinding. Combined with a great deal of networking.

Good move! Well, on 2010 Nothing To Lose you also teamed up with West Coast rapper, Nipsey Hussle, on the lead offering, "Jealousy" -- How did that song come together?

While I was working on the mix-tape, I had built a relationship with Nipsey Hussle, and when I got the record from my producer I shot it to him. He felt it, and laid his verse down. I did my thing, and we made a classic record. He was in N.Y.C. at the time, and I got him to come to my 'hood and we shot the video for it.

Another good move! So, speaking of "Jealousy," lately it's starting to make quite a bit of noise -- Did you expect such a strong response?

I knew it would be big, but I never expected this response. (Especially) since it wasn't really a commercial record. But, it's a good feeling, and thank all who love and support the record and the movement.

Conceptually, what's "Jealousy" really all about?

Jealousy is what we go through in life. If you have something people want, they're jealous. Not all people, but most. They're never happy for you, you know, the haters. Nipsey goes through it on a larger scale than myself, and I'm just now starting to see it from a industry standpoint. But, I'm familiar with it from my days on the street. So, I spoke on it.

Are you currently signed to a record deal at this time?

I have a few offers, but right now I'm strictly independent; TEAM BANG ENT. Once the numbers are right, I'm sure I'll be comfortable working with the majors.

With that being said, have you titled your upcoming solo debut yet?

I have a few tracks that need to be fleshed out. As of right now, it is untitled. The production will be top of the line. Some names you know, and some newcomers, but it's all fire. I promise that.

What are some of your other future goals & plans in entertainment?

Besides music, movies, (and) politics, the list is endless.

I see where you're heading with this! Well, on a more personal note, tell me something about yourself that your listeners wouldn't just automatically know from hearing your music?

Archie Bang is a man! Before everything...Cool, laid back , funny, human being. But at the same time, the worst problem you can ever come across if you bring me out of character. I'm not a violent person, by any means, but like the average person, there's a side you wouldn’t want to see.

Don't have to say that to me twice! So, looking ahead, what do you see for yourself in the coming years?

Just to build my brand, and make as big of an impact as I can in the music industry, and all other ventures I embark upon.

Good luck with all of that! Well, have you announced your "official" lead single?

No official single yet. All that will be determined this summer. I'll keep you posted. But, I'm following this next mix-tape with Shock Therapy, hosted by the Empire, and a few other deejays.

Is there anything you wanted to add or offer that I haven't already inquired about?

We covered a lot of ground. You can find my music on myspace.com/Archiebang or Facebook, and Twitter.com/Archiebang -- Make sure ya follow me, Folks!

Sadly, Thursday June 25th 2009, the world lost the greatest entertainer who ever lived -- What was your first reaction upon hearing the tragic news? How does Michael Jackson’s untimely passing affect, not only you, but, music in general? And, in the wake of his demise, what does this mean for the future of recorded music?

The 'King Of Pop' passing was a shock! It hit hard! It's like superman dying, something you'd never expect. I didn't believe it at first. I think it robbed a new generation of seeing what a true legend, a true star, looks like in the flesh. I think it will be some time, I doubt this lifetime, but, maybe, just maybe, someone can come close to Michael's status. Maybe the year 3310!


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