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About Skin Diamond: Born in America and raised in Scotland, Skin Diamond is anything but the average porn star. As a fixture in the UK alt, fetish, and erotic world for 4 years, Skin was often seen gracing the covers of top magazines like Bizarre. Her unique look caught the eye of mainstream fashion designers, and Skin found herself modeling for Louis Vuitton, American Apparel, and Atsuko Kudo. However, Skin’s desire to further express her sexuality led her to drastically change her look and take on the mainstream porn world. Represented by legendary adult agent Mark Spiegler, Skin is proving she has many dimensions beyond her alt modeling roots. She can adapt and perform for top companies, such as Burning Angel where she began her XXX career, as well as Penthouse, Vivid, Evil Angel, Hustler, Elegant Angel, Kink, and more. You can see more on me HERE     and follow me on

About Chanel Preston:
Delicate beauty—the symbolic meaning of Hawaii’s hibiscus—is apropos when describing tanned goddess Chanel Preston. Chanel’s long, slender legs and large, full breasts attract lustful stares and obsession about the sweetness of her own flower. However, the similarities between Chanel and the delicate hibiscus stop there. Before wading through the waves on the beaches of Hawaii, the 24-year-old Chanel absorbed the strength and independence derived from a childhood in central Alaska. As a result, the exotic looking stunner has an impulsive, adventuresome personality befitting of a Sagittarius, which makes her a natural performer, eager to amaze. Chanel’s celebrated scenes and immense exposure earned her Best New Starlet awards from XBIZ, XCritic, NightMoves, CAVR, XRCO, and The Galaxy Awards. In 2011, NightMoves named Chanel the Best Female Performer, while in 2012 CNBC listing her as part of its “Dirty Dozen” and Chanel was named Penthouse Pet of the Month, March 2012.
You can see more on her HERE   and follow me on

Do you ever have sex with the guys you act with outside of making a video?

I have done, but it's rare. I'm picky as fuck.

How can i make a women have a full body orgasm?

Hold a hitachi on her clit while you fuck her.

Do people heckle/bother you when your just out and about hanging out with friends because they have seen you in an adult film? I have tons of questions and was also wondering how many questions I can ask because I'm sure you receive millions haha.

Not really... For the most part people are really nice and respectful when they see me in person. IF they even have the balls to say anything, which most of the time people don't because they're with THIER friends, and then they would have to admit to them that they watch a ton of porn haha...

I'm a 26 yr old male virgin and i fantasize about being a pornstar..i've told my friend about this and she thinks i should do it. Can a virgin enter the business?

Is this a joke? I HIGHLY advise against it. Seriously. Even guys with shit tons of practice find this business tricky.

Skin, Just wondering if you guys know any good techniques to turn on a girl, i mean covertly, ..Like,.. she doesnt suspect a thing, until shes wet and beggin me to fuck., i mean, i did a few stuff with finger lickin and slidin my finger across her arm and neck...But i keep doin the same thing over an over..So do you guys know ways to turn her on?

Honestly, there is no one way to turn a girl on because we are all completely different. I'd say get to know a girl first so you can read her body language better, and work off of that.

my g.f had sex with me for first time. She told me that she was virgin before that. But, she did not bleed for the first time when i fucked her. As i know every girl bleed when she loses her virginity. I wish to know,is this possible to lose virginity without bleeding from vagina? was she virgin or not? Plz tell me.

Every girl is different. Some find it extremely painful and bleed a lot whereas others, not so much. It really just depends on the girl, and seeing as I'm not her, I couldn't tell you if she was really a virgin or not. Maybe she was lying, maybe she was one of the lucky ones. Who knows?

How do you like a guy's pubic area maintained hairwise? Shaved? Trimmed? Nothing?

AT LEAST trimmed. There's nothing worse than having to descretly remove hair outta your mouth while giving head.... Ewwwwwwwwwwww

I'm not that tall for a guy (5.2 feet), and thinking. Is there a way to make make it easier for me to be able to do a doggystyle'like position with a girl with a good (6.2 feet)? Specially when trying to grind on a milkbox or something is really embarrassing.

I would suggest asking her to squat down while in doggie onto your cock, then she can bounce while you thrust, and it feels reeeeeally good!

My girl jacks me off while I fuck her that a good thing? Wht does tht mean?

Um, that your GF is cool?

is hitting the G-spot really as good as most people think, and can you turn on a girl just by giving her a massage?

Well, it does feel amazing if that's what you're asking, but many women can orgasm from easier ways than the g-spot so I wouldn't say to focus on that. Focus on what she says feels good and I'm sure some women can get off on a massage but we're all different so what one women likes and gets off on is different from the next women.

I'm 20. Only smashed once and the pussy STANK!!! I don't know if I got nervous when the condom went on or the pussy smelled bad, but I went limp. (Maybe a little bit of both) Anyways after a bit I finally limp dicked for a constant thrusting of at least 15-12 minutes, excluding foreplay, fingering, etc. Anyways, now that I have been traumatized, this is in the back of my head. I got whispers saying "What if you go limp again when putting on the condom" and stuff like that. Man fuck that! I'm an athlete! I got scouted by a modelling company at the mall! I can't be worryin' about no limp dick, but the whispers are there. You ladies have any advice b/c this puerto chick wants to be friends with benefits.

If you're not into her then you're not into her. That's how life works. Sometimes you're interested in people that aren't into you and sometimes it's the other way around. Just because you're dick goes limp with one chick does not mean it will with another. Find a girl that you truly like and who's pussy doesn't stink and you will be fine.

Ok so i LOVE sex but one of the things that keep me from enjoyin it as much is my pussy, i know its suppose to be dark but i feel like if mines is a lil too dark to be showing off, pornstars have amazingly beautifull pussys that are not DARK how would you guys suggest me get rid of this problem?

Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do about that unless you want to do some major skin bleaching, and I wouldn't recommend that. I would recommend accepting how you are and feel comfortable with it. Some women's pussies are dark and others aren't. It's just the way it is, and if a guy makes you feel uncomfortable about it, then he's a fucktard.

Hi, I wanted to ask you the best way to approach my wife about a 3 sum. Our sex life is gret and she is a porn star in the bedroom. But I really have a fantasy about watchingher with another man. I would love to get into swinging. Anyway she has been open to same room sex with another couple and she likes to watch dp porn which I try to always play, but I don't know how to ask her .

She, obviously, is already very open-minded. And you both have already explored with each other so just communicate with her and I'm sure it will work out fine.

When you fuck in your normal life is nothing as exciting as doing a shoot?

When I have sex in my personal life it's not about doing things that are exciting. It's about getting off with someone I care about or truly enjoy being around and sometimes that feels better then doing crazy, exciting things.

Have you/will ever have sex with a fan?

Never say never

I found out, you play the Piano,I do too! which is your favorite piece to play or listen to? do you know Ludivico Einaudi? I thinks you will love his music. I might compose a song specially for you, tell me if you would like that.

I have not heard of Ludivico Einaudi but I will definitely check him out. My favorite composer is Rachmoninov.

Ive had 3 babies an dI'm 43......My boyfriend says my vagina is a little loose. He has a bigger than normal penis so you can imagine I'm a little devasted. Are there any physical methods to making my pussy tighter for him, maybe using a butt plug....and yes, ive tried kegals.

Although vaginal exercises help sometimes, it's just biological, unfortunately. But if you have a guy that tells you you're vagina is loose maybe you should lose the guy rather.

Does size REALLY matter? Or does a lot of the pleasure you girls experience related to how he uses his tool? Do other parts of the body matter or enhance the sexual experience for you such as nice eyes, big arms, strong legs, big chest etc... Are there cases where a guy has a big dick but lacks figure or looks in other areas and it just ruins the fun? I hear different things from girls depending on how they want me to perceive them so it's hard to know what's true and whats not! Thanks!

It's not about what's true or not. Every person is different so what works for one is not the same as the other. I personally, love hands and there are many ways a guys can enhance your sexual experience with them. There is also tongue. Overall, just because a guy has a big dick or small dick doesn't mean he won't or will be good at pleasing women.

Hey i just wanted to say that i think it's cool that you guys are taking the time to do this. So thank you for that! I read a question that was posted about shaving and i couldn't help but think about a minor acne problem that I'm starting to develop now. I have started getting acne on my face, chest, and upper back. I'd have to say it has to do with my hormones because while I've always kept really fit in the past, I've been weightlifting to the extreme in the past couple of months and my body has really changed because of it. And with that, my acne has gotten worse ever since. I'm 18; My diet is clean, i shower twice a day and wash my face throughout the day. Besides the Vitamin E and Tea tree Oil, is there any other secret that you guys know of that will help me get rid of it? I have my fingers crossed for the million dollar answer.

Not everyone's skin is the same so there isn't a million dollar answer. Go see a dermatologist to see what they have to say.

My boyfriend isn't very good at oral sex. Any tips?

Tell him what you like. Every girl is different so what feels good for me may not for you.

ive been with my parnter for 6 years we have 3 kids and just lately he doesnt seem to be interested, we havent had sex for 3 weeks i can stand with sexy underwear or even with nothing on infront of him and nothin happens, what should i do? ive spoke to him about it and he said he doesnt no whats up with him but i think he's to scared to say.

Well, it's ultimately about communication and if he won't tell you what's going on then you'll never know. Give him some space and a little time to figure it out. It could be just a funk but eventually something will need to be done. Sex is a big part of a relationship.

Hey, I love using oil during sex whenever the girl is down for it and I don't necessarily use it for lubrication. I just love making the female all slippery and shiny. What is the best/safest stuff to use because the last thing that I want to do is cause the female to get an infection of some sort. I have looked all over online but I haven't gotten a for sure answer from anything that I have read. If one of you two could answer this for me, my penis and I would forever be grateful.

In our industry we use basic baby oil. Most body oils will be safe to use but refrain from ones with a lot of additives like fragrance because those can give a girl a yeast infection.

Whats the freakiest thing you had a guy do to you?

I love bi-exual men so I've had threesomes and made the guys do stuff in front of me.

I met this girl about a month ago and the first two dates went well, she was all over me, laughing and having a good time. However, between dates I was sick and busy with work that I didn't call or text her, resulting in me seeming disinterested. This resulted in her saying that there was no chemistry between us and she cancelled our third date. Is there anything I can do to get another shot with her?

Unfortunately the only thing you can do is be honest with her and hope she decides to give you another chance! Hopefully the chemistry was good enough to entice her interest even more!!

So I have this chick friend who already has a boyfriend and I think she wants to have sex with me because she keeps dropping sexual hints. What should I do? Also Im not really friends with her boyfriend, I just know him from a friend of a friend.

You shouldn't do anything unless she actually jumps on you, some girls are just huge flirts (I'm one of them) but that doesn't mean they wanna fuck. If she does make an actual move on you then think about the fact that she might be going behind her dudes back, so it probably wouldn't go anywhere good. If they're in an open relationship or whatever then get down!

When you were a child what was the occupation you wanted? And when was all of this changed? Also, on a more personal perspective do some, to most adult film stars endure ridicule for their occupation from their relatives and/or friends/ex friends?

When I was little I wanted to be a ballerina, but my parents were too poor to send me to ballet school so that's where that dream went haha.. But I change my mind so often.. I also wanted to be a bunch of other things, but my attention span doesn't always go very far. Modeling/porn is the only job that has kept my interest for longer than a year! I really really love what I do! For the most part my friends and family are extremely positive! My friends already know my wild side so they are not surprised, and my parents can see that I'm happy and grounded, so although my occupation isn't their first choice, they are stoked that I'm happy!

I was wondering why does it take me a long time to hit it?? my man fucks me and eats me hella good but I still dont hit it??it takes me for hours??what should I do??help???

Every girl is totally different. Some girls are lucky and can cum pretty much instantly, while with others it takes a certain trick whether its internal or external stimulation. There are even some girls who can't cum at all! Just pay attention to what it is that eventually gets you off and do that every time! Experiment with what gets you off faster.. and if you're really struggling buy a mutha-fuckin hitachi and get that shit buzzin' while you're fuckin'! YEAH!

What do you do differently when having sex with your bf/gf that you may/may not do when you have sex on camera?

This question is a little difficult for me because honestly, it depends on the PERSON not the situation. But I'm definitely dirtier the more I like whoever I'm fucking...

Hey Skin, You think this might be the decade where we start to see promising starlets like yourself move back and forth between the adult industry and mainstream entertainment like movies/TV?

I HOPE SO!! I've actually done a lot of mainstream work already including the stuff I did before I started doing porn, so you could say it's already started.. hehe

How has your personal sex life been with guys not in the business since you became a pornstar?

It can be a little frustrating to want to be fucked like a porn star with someone who isn't actually a porn star, but I still have great sex with "civilians"!

I have a big butt (38") with 36" boobs. I want to make my ass glowing at the time of sex with my husband... is there any gel or lotion which will make my ass silky and erotic?

Moisturize with baby oil! While you're still and then pat yourself dry. That's what I do when I want my skin to glow!

I believe I am good at having sex, and my gf cums almost everytime. I sometimes like to get rough though, and smack her tits and hold her throat. Is that a turn off? How can I go about it that is more sexy then violent?

That in itself sounds like a turn on to me! lol.... But what I think makes it sexy is when you're making eye contact while you're doing it!

This question is open to both women...perhaps both women's experiences and preferences can be included. I'm sure that this question has been asked many times before, but I'll go ahead and ask again. In you private lives (i.e. when you're both off set) and you are either involved romantically with a male, or are dating him, how important in his penis size to you? Obviously, factoring in how much you like him, care about him, or are attracted to him (etc.), does size really make a difference towards how you feel about him?

For me size doesn't matter too much as long as it does the job! I might be biased though, my pussy is reeeeeally tight. lol

Can you give me advice on how to become more flexible for my partner. I've learnt to do anal, deep throat by practicing but I'm really not flexible. I like to experiment but the last time we were experimenting I couldn't do a position he wanted to try out and its probably something he seen on a porn site as he watches it while I'm not around, I don't watch porn so I don't actually know what he was trying to do and when I asked him to show me he got all embarrassed. I work out 6 times a week mostly cardio, lunges, squats, and crunches so I am fit. Is there anything I can do to make myself flexible?

Try working out in ways that improve flexibility like pilates or yoga. Stretching daily before and after exercise will also make improvements. But don't try and rush anything! It will take a while for your muscles to get flexible and you don't want to risk pulling something. Just stretch until you can feel a pull and no more!

Do women in the porn industry go out to regular bars and hook up with random guys for a one night stand?? and if so where can i find you at??lol...i think you are very HOT and would enjoy a shot at you.

I'm sure some do, but I am not one of them. I am extremely picky when it comes to sex *because* I get so much on camera.. haha

I was just wondering if you have any advice for a 20 year old girl getting into the porn industry? Pros/cons, whatever. Thanks!

Just be 100% SURE this is what you want to do. There are a lot of amazing pros like money stability, traveling to new and exotic places, meeting new people and having MIND BLOWING sex.. but if you think you might be bothered by things like you're parents finding out or people giving you shit for no reason *just* because you're a porn star, then maybe think on it a little more..

Doesn't it eliminate one of life's great pleasures when fucking becomes a job? I mean, isn't it like eating caviar and lobster every night until you puke? Or like enjoying a cold beer, but then been paid to drink a gallon of the stuff daily?

Not necessarily. This industry has given me an opportunity to explore myself more then I ever would have thought. Now I know myself so well I know exactly what I want. Plus, I don't always orgasm during my scene so a lot of times it actually arouses me even more.

So I have this chick friend who already has a boyfriend and I think she wants to have sex with me because she keeps dropping sexual hints. What should I do? Also Im not really friends with her boyfriend, I just know him from a friend of a friend.

Just because you don't know the boyfriend doesn't mean it's ok to pursue sex with her. Maybe just make it clear to her that you recognize her advances and want to know her motive. Is she trying to sleep with you? or just being a flirt?

What are my chances of getting laid in college? I'm 6-5 with long brown hair past my shoulders and I'm a football player virgin,and if so how can I have more sex?- Matt

Unfortunately, we are pornstars and not sex forecasters so I don't know what your chances are of getting laid. What I do know is that confidence goes a long way with women so build some of that and keep yourself clean and pleasant and you're well on your way to getting laid at least sometimes.

What do you do differently when having sex with your bf/gf that you may/may not do when you have sex on camera?

As far as sexual acts I do everything on film that I do in my personal life. I will say that in my personal life I prefer there to be more of a connection then just a one night stand type of thing. Also, I don't pass up a good slow, passionate sex session which I don't get in porn.

What position hits the g-spot the best? and whats the hottest position for women and men?

The hottest position for women and men is all relative. We're all different so we like different things. As far as the g-spot it depends on the shape of your cock. if it tends to lean towards a certain direction then try a position where that direction goes towards her g-spot.


Unfortunately, some women's vagina are naturally more lose then others. Yes, Kegels can help so always do those because those are muscles and just like any other muscle it takes time to develop those. Try searching online for things to insert to help strengthen your muscles. otherwise, try the butt plug idea and ask your boyfriend if it makes a difference. Or throw out this boyfriend and get a new one that won't tell you that you have a loose pussy.

This question is open to both women...perhaps both women's experiences and preferences can be included. I'm sure that this question has been asked many times before, but I'll go ahead and ask again. In you private lives (i.e. when you're both off set) and you are either involved romantically with a male, or are dating him, how important in his penis size to you? Obviously, factoring in how much you like him, care about him, or are attracted to him (etc.), does size really make a difference towards how you feel about him?

Penis size is not what having enjoyable sex is all about. Ultimately, an enjoyable sexual experience is made up of a multitude of things so if you don't feel you're well endowed concentrate on great foreplay and making her feel good other ways. Obviously, the clit has nothing to do with penis size and plenty women orgasm by stimulating that little body part.

Dear Chanel,you seem very smart and I'm quite impressed with your anwsers. I have crazy fantasies, and at times, I have acted out on these. My question is this; should I break up with my girlfriend to pursue these erotic sexual adventures? to give you some idea what I'm talking about; I'm really into latex, I'm bisexual and love public displays and group sex. My girl would go along, but it's not what she wants. Need Help..thanxxx

I guess you have to figure out whether you value exploring your sexuality more or value your relationship. I think it's very important to explore your sexuality but I also feel that it's important to be with someone you love and care about.

Does your vagina ever get sore after doing a porno? How long inbetween do you have from one to another porno shoot?

Every girl is different and every week is different. I do get sore sometimes but not always. It's just part of the job

What is the best way to give my girlfriend an orgasm? And what sex positions do you recomend & foreplay

There is no answer to this. Every girl is different. What you need to do is communicate with her so that she can tell you what she does and does not like. Learning to make a girl orgasm takes time and practice.

My question is for chanel. my girl friend is a virgin and i am having a hard time poping her cherry. what can i do to make it easier to pop her cherry?

Not every girl bleeds her first time, if this is what you mean by popping her cherry, and making your girl bleed is not something you should ever strive to do. Girls bleed because there hymen has broke which is a piece of skin that protects the vagina. Some girls don't bleed from this and other girls hymen's have broke without them knowing it before they ever have sex, usually from sports or something like that. Overall, get over the cherry popping thing and learn to make her feel good.

I'm a girl who just turned 18 and I'm interested in entering the porn business. I have a bit of a problem though, because I have a tough time having sex with guys I don't love. However, I really want to make some money. Do you think I'll ever get used to porn? Did you get used to porn? thanks. signed- pornoproblem

To be honest if you find it difficult to have sex with people you don't love then perhaps porn is not for you.. Sometimes in porn you will get booked with someone you don't necessarily even find that attractive, or someone you wouldn't "go for" in real life. It's rare for me, but it does happen sometimes.. What I do is find something about the person I do like and focus on that! You have to remember that it is a performance like acting, and you have to be prepared to deliver an amazing scene no matter what. If you think you can do that, then give it a shot, but it you honestly don't feel comfortable doing that then I wouldn't recommend forcing yourself to do it.

How do you girls keep your nipples hard the whole way through a sex scene? Is it as simple as just naturally being turned on, constant stimulation to them, getting cut scenes or things like lotions? Just something i've always been a bit self concious about myself when with someone, thanks.

Everyones body is different so not everyones nipples will react the same, but generally during the scene I'm turned on so my nipples will stay hard from that!

So I know a lot of these questions are by guys but I'm a 21 year old girl, I had a baby a year ago, and my self confidence is through the floor, I want to attract my man, but for the life of me, he's turned into a jerk, and I can't figure out why? What can I do to please him? I mean I'd let him do just about anything, but I want him to find me smoking hot again :(

Maybe you should surprise him! Men love confident women; buy a super sexy perverted outfit and wait for him to come home one day with some cocktails and just pounce on him!! Men love a women who knows what she wants and demands it! Embrace your inner slut!!

How do you shave you pussy and ass so there is no hair there, and what postion is best for anal masterbation? signed- winnie

Carefully! Just shave it normally like you would shave your legs, but just be extra careful to pull the skin your shaving taut so as not to accidentally nick yourself! The easiest anal masturbation position for me is to lie in a spoon or doggie position and reaching behind me insert the plug/dildo!

Just wondering about how many girls in porn industry are faking it, it seems like some do and some don't. You know best, what's your opinion?

Everyone's body reacts differently in sex. Some girls cum really easily and with some it takes a lot longer, or they can only cum with a particular sensation.. but with some movies, you don't get to choose what exactly you're doing when you are required to climax, so girls will be forced to fake it then. Personally I don't usually have any problems here because I can cum very easily. If I'm required to cum on cue I work my kegel muscles while I'm being fucked until I do!

Me and my wife used have sex all the time before we got married. Before she would dress up and we would role play and do all kinds of kinky things but here lately it seems I always have to bargain for sex and when we do have sex she always wants me to hurry up and finish. But I like to make it last. I have never felt self-conscious about myself before now. I have talked to her about this and she just makes excuses to avoid to conversation. Sometimes I get the feeling she's cheating on me. What should I do.

You should talk to her! Maybe you could talk about experiementing. Ask her whats she's always wanted to do and then try and make it happen! I think the problem with most couples over time is the danger of getting stuck in a routine. Try something that you've always been shy about.. like for example trying something that has always felt "taboo" or going to a fetish club can be very, uh... "inspiring"! Main rule here is: Do something you both have never done before! If you try all of these ideas and things still haven't improved then there may be an underlying problem that you should discuss with her.

i am wating to know how to get my wife to try anal could you help me out.

Perhaps talk to her and if she seems interested make sure to let her know that you are trying it on her terms. Take things slow.. If you are patient you may end up introducing her to something she really enjoys!

How long do the average people stay in the industry before getting burned out with it? I mean at some point too much of a good thing begins to get boring.

What we do is just like any other job. Some days are great and some days aren't. Overall, it depends on how much the girls work. Contract girls will only work a few times a month and others work up to five times in a week. Some stay in the industry for a year and some work up well into their forties.

I was curious if there's ever any kind of snuggling that goes on at the porn set, either before, during, or after. I know that as a man after sex, especially rougher stuff, I like to cuddle a little bit. Really, is there any genuine tenderness on the porn set at all?

Sex in a porn is meant as a performance so many of us don't go to set expecting "real life" sex so snuggling is not very common.

Hii i was just wondering how to look classy and suduce a guy. Like besides having your cleavege showing, etc, but for a 18 year old high school girl. is there something you can say or do to turn on a guy? :) thanks so much.

Well, showing a lot of cleavage is not generally "classy" but from what I remember high school guys don't know any better so if your trying to land one of them cleavage might be the way to go. Try looking them in the eye or give them a sexy glance when you're talking to them also.

Does porn mess up your everyday sex life? The reason I ask is cause I thought about getting into porn but I just don't know how I would feel after doing it. Also, how could I get a girl as sexy as you?

It doesn't always mees up my sex life. It depends on how much you work. As a female sometimes it makes me more horny when I get home. As far as getting a sexy girl there is no surefire way. Confidence always helps though.

Can you tell me the best way to have sex doggy style without putting so much air in a girl? My gf and I both laugh at the situation when she queefs, but the extra air gives her cramps and discomfort, not to mention a small chance of it being dangerous. We tried different angles of entry and height...etc but there some secret way that perhaps a professional in the industry can reveal to me? None of us want to give up doggy style, please help.

Unfortunately, this just happens to us women and others are more prone to it depending on their shape. It happens to girls even in porn. What usually happens is the air comes out once you move from the doggy position so before I move I put a few fingers inside me and wiggle them around to let the air out and usually it doesn't come out as an embarrassing fart noise.

are there any supplements a woman can take to make her squirt the way they do on videos if so what? thanku

I don't think there is a supplement that can make you squirt. Not all women are able to do it. It's just about exploring yourself to find the best way to make it happen. Sometimes different positions work and sometimes certain shaped cocks can do the trick.

I get really turned on thinking about anal sex, and my husband and I have tried it a few times, but I really want to take it "like a pornstar" I know lots of lube helps, but do you have any advice to make anal sex last longer and be as pain free as possible while he's pounding me as hard as he can?

Try sitting on a large butt plug before anal sex and try to relax and sit on it as deep as you can. This helps stretch the muscle before sex. Also, when he inserts himself a little bit have him pull out and let the muscle relax a second then put it back in a little deeper. Keep repeating this until it's comfortably in you. Sometimes the muscle needs to relax for a second before its able to expand again.

I have a dumb question... where can a large breasted, but otherwise thin woman buy clothing that's not super revealing? I love wearing dresses, and i can't find any that fit in the breasts without hanging like a mumu. I figure you lovely ladies might have some tips for me.

To be honest Im not sure about this question. I have D breasts but compared to my size they are not that large so I don't have that problem. I would suggest searching on the Internet. You may be able to find some discussion boards.

How do I get girls to think I'm not weird, I mean I don't want to be normal but I have like a super deep voice for only 18 and I'm skinny and tall. I like this one girl kind of also but I don't really know how to approach her because I don't really have a lot of time on my hands besides in the mornings which I'm really tired, but I do text her quite often.

To be honest, i don't really know how to make people think you're not weird... since people have always thought I was weird too. You're still young and being tall with a deep voice is soooo hot! I don't think you'll have any trouble. Girls will be falling all over you soon enough! In the mean time, just be yourself! Be charming and sincere! Compliment her smile...That's how to get girls!

what kind of oils do you use in those oil scenes? My girl an I want to have some oil fun, but baby oil doesnt taste good lol

Any oil scenes that I've done we've just used baby oil! I've also been sprayed down with a mixture of Crisco & water... otherwise I'm afraid you're just going to have to get used to the taste!

i was wondering if you knew how the male pornstars get their dicks so big. i know it cant all be genetics. Any pills or whatever i can take?

Ummmm sorry to burst your bubble, but it's genetics. That's why these guys get into porn usually, because their dicks are so big! I'm not sure if those pills and stuff even work....

Hay ladies well my problem is I am married and love my wife but sex with her just gets old fast sometimes I have to have the "new" piece once in a while so my question is how do I find a girl who understands my situation and is willing to skip the wining and dining and take it for what it is. Texas Boy 210

When it comes to open relationships, COMMUNICATION is key! You have to just lay it all out in front of prospective play partners at the very beginning, so that everybody knows where they stand with you!

All the porn stars I've seen have beautiful skin that looks like it's very well taken care of. What is your skincare routine? What products do you use to keep your skin looking that good?

I moisturize a lot with lotion for dry skin! And sometimes when I finish showering before I dry off, I rub myself down with baby oil first, and then pat myself dry to get rid of the excess oil. That's a great way to moisturize!

How do porn men fuck for so long. in movies we see men fuck for may be for 20 - 40 mins is it real for me i drop my load in 5 mins how do porn men keep it hard for so long and how do they ejaculate for so much time?

When men get into porn one of the requirements is that you just have to be able to fuck for long periods of time, stay hard through out, and "pop" (ejaculate) on command. It's a lot harder than it looks! No pun intended....I believe that the guys getting into porn simply have a lot of stamina! And if they can't keep up, then they won't last long in the industry.

I am 19 years old and i had never had sex before. I have a girlfriend and I want to have sex with her, but she told she wants it to be a threesome(she wants her friend Rebecca to participate with us )so, can you tell me what to do please?

Threesomes are tricky because it can be difficult to keep everyone involved and not feeling left out. My advice is to give both girls as much attention as you can! And have fun! A threesome sounds like a great way to pop your cherry!!

How should i approach beautiful women i want to get 2 know? What should I say? How do i approach beautiful women on the street while walking past? Also, what do i say 2 a woman to get laid?

I don't think there is any one thing you can say to a woman to guarantee getting laid, unless you by chance say something that drives that particular girl crazy horny! My advice is to be sincere. I pay more attention to a guy if he were to stop in his tracks and say with confidence something like, "Wow... you have the most beautiful smile! Hope you have a great day!" and then start to walk away slowly That gesture shows that you are genuinely interested in the girl and have the confidence to tell her, while walking away is a way of playing hard to get, and I for one love that!! Coming off as too needy is something I think a lot of guys mess up with. And trust me... a confidant man playing hard to get WORKS!

In my middle school days i had a thing for a girl'''' not actually i think i developed it when i caught her staring at me very often but i never asked her out;;;; it has been about 3 years that i heard about her,,, it was by the end of last month that i received her friend rq on fb;;; not sure if i hav feelings for her, i never was serious about relationships; still a virgin ; of course not that attractive pretty average guy,,, i think i was attracted to her in those days because she paid attention to me thats what i think but i m still very doubtful' what should i doooo????? i only want to be with person who likes me rather than whom i like.@@@@@

Your best bet is to chat with her if you're curious about wether you like her or not. Send her a message on facebook and get to know her a little bit better. Just because you talk to her doesn't mean you have to start anything serious. Just get t know her and you'll be able to tell if she is someone you're interested in or not.

Is it a bad thing to always want to make a woman laugh, some people find it immature but i find it spontaneous and adventurous. When the time is right im serious, but whats the point of having a relationship if you cant have fun, and to see the person your with smile all the time right?

No!!! I think that's the best kind of guy! I always fall for the ones that know how to make me laugh and make me feel like life is an exciting adventure to be discovered along side you! I completely agree with you on that one.

i am in serious relationship. i had oral sex with my girlfriend yesterday. i put my middle finger inside her vagina and her pussy was so loose that my full finger inserted into her vagina without any pressure smoothly. im worried that is she is not a vrgin becouse i think she dont have hymen and her pussy is so loose. How do I tell if she's a virgin? she is saying that she is a virgin but i dont think so. tell me that a virgin girl can put her 2 fingers smoothly into her pussy? is this possible.

Every girl is built different and some may naturally be more loose then others. Just because they are a virgin doesn't mean their pussy is tight. Maybe she is lying and maybe she's not but you'll never know just by putting two fingers inside her.

I recently asked my wife to experiment and I would fulfill her every fantasy she now wants to use a strapon on me and I made a promise that I would do anything how do I make it not hurt, is this normal to do?

First of all... fuck yeah for wanting to experiment with your wife like that!! A little bit of spice in the bedroom never hurt anyone, and the unknown factor to new taboos is half the thrill!! This is a completely normal thing to do and you'd be surprised at how many guys are into it! I would suggest taking things slowly. Invest in a small butt plug and practice with that first, then you can increase sizes as you get used to it and then try a strap on fucking!! I like to use silicon based lubricant for anal as it glides really nice and easy. And remember, take it slow!
You never want to try and force anything to fast because that can lead to tearing and believe me, that ain't fun...Anal sex takes a little while to get used to, but when you do it's sooo fun!! Even a lot of seasoned anal sex pros won't immediately start taking a pounding in their butt right away.. it takes a little while to "warm up" and eventually your ass will open up, and then you can start having some real fun!!

Do pornstars know each other on a name to name basis before doing scene?

It's always good to get to know each other before you go into sex. It helps add to the chemistry of the scene!

What do women think of a curved penis? I've only had one partner and there were certain positions that hurt her but others were ok. Any tips on good positions for a curved penis?

Every women is different but some love curved penises! The women's g-spot is on the upper wall of her vagina so when a man's penis curves in that direction it can rub the g-spot and make her orgasm. It obviously depends on which direction your penis curves but think of positions where the curve goes towards the top of her vagina. You can also experiment with different positions and she can let you know which one feels the best for her.

What is the best lube to use during sex to give heat and full sensation? my girl is going on birth control soon, and now, with a condom, I can't really feel the sensation, even with KY his and hers. Is there another lube you would recommend to use for great sensation and feeling?

There are a lot of great lubes out there. KY not being one of them. Try something a little more viscous and less sticky like Gun Oil or System Jo Warming Lube. There are also good quality condoms that may help like Pleasure Plus, Kimono MicroThin or Kimono Sensation.

UMM hi i was just wondering is it hard to have a bf/gf if you do porn because wouldnt they be jeaouls i couldnt imagine having my gf in porn i would be so jealous. and also. is there boudaries in porn like what if your having sex with a guy who has a foot fetish would you go along with it and do u have to because its like in the contract.

It's not easy to keep a relationship in porn because many people do get jealous but also a lot of people don't. Having sex is a job to many of us and we are able to understand that and separate our feelings. As far as boundaries every girl is different. Before the scene the performers usually go over what they are willing to do and not do.

I was wondering if women in the biz prefer cut or uncut men, and what your opinions are on uncut men.

Some women have preferences and some don't. A lot of women in the business prefer anal sex with men that are uncut because it slides in and out of the ass better and doesn't hurt as much.

I'm basically a bundle of sexual insecurities, I've got a girlfriend of almost three years, she enjoys the lovin I've been giving her, but I just can't stop doubting myself and being insecure about myself. My only question is how can I get over these doubts before it drives me completely mad?

Confidence is such a huge factor is sex appeal. I'd say stop doubting yourself so much and take charge of yourself. You are a man that wants to please a women and you're going to make that happen. Sit down with your girl friend and tell her that you are serious about being the best at pleasing her. Tell her that you want to know her fantasies and want to know what makes her hot and tell her to be completely honest when she says something feels good or not. I think this way when she says you're great at something you'll completely believe her and have more confidence.

Hi! I am a 18 year old female looking to get implants. I was just curious if it is heavy or uncomfortable. BIG FAN - Mary

When I first got them done they were swollen for a short amount of time which made them feel a little uncomfortable but overall I am sure it depends on the size as far as how they feel on your chest. When I got mine I went from a large B to a D and although it took a moment to adjust to the difference in size they definitely don't feel heavy or uncomfortable anymore now that they have heeled.

I am a Virgin, 24 and kinda in a slump. The thing that makes it different is that i was raised by very religious parents on a farm, straight Quaker style, no outside influences and no sex. It was bad but whats worse is that now when i do go up to girls and approach them, i am honest, and the whole virgin thing turns them right off. I can see why but should i sell out and lie my ass off to get pussy or just see where this whole virgin thing goes and maybe meet someone cool. Not to sure, i am not a man of the world and you guys seem to know whats what in the sex world so what should i do?

Lying to someone usually does not work but I understand that in these days it is not common to find men that are still virgins at your age. This does not mean it's wrong and you should never think down on yourself for that. An option is to refrain from telling them that you're a virgin while they get to know you. Sex doesn't have to come up at every date so play a gentlemen role and try to refrain from talking about sex rather then lie about it. This may give the girl more time to get to know you before you reveal your virginity to her and in turn she may be more accepting of it when she realizes that you're a great guy! Or you can find a drunk, horny girl at a bar, fuck her, then the virgin problem is gone.

I find myself falling for my best friend, I never though I would, but I did and I don't know what to. She isn't attracted to me at all and I know it cus she only dates white guys (i'm Asian btw) there a way that I can get her to be attracted to me without her realizing that she is? Like me for example, I didn't realize I was attracted to her until it was too late, now she's all I think about.

Unfortunately, there is no magic solution to this problem and we can not make people like us. You can tell her how you feel but understand that it may change the dynamics of your relationship or you can not tell her how you feel and your friendship will remain just that which may be a gift in itself if she is a good friend and you wish her to remain in your life in that way. You never know, in the long run her feelings for you may change.

How can u get the dicks so deep in your asses? seriously I love man my and we've been trying this for a while I get really horny and cum all the time u´but he can only put it in a little. For me it feels like he's all the way in there, and sometimes it's really painful. I'd love to have his dick all up my ass and make him happy u know do you have some advise for me? And also how do you get cocks in your throut so deep?

Some bodies are made to deep throat and get butt fucked so naturally it's very easy for them to do this. Girls in porn are sometimes having anal sex more often then regular folks with much bigger cocks and their bodies adapt to it. For others it takes practice just like anything else. As far as anal sex goes try different positions to see if that helps the cock go in deeper. I personally prefer missionary because that's when the muscles are most relaxed. Spoon is also a good option as well. As far as deep throating it's all in the gag reflexes. Naturally when you have a cock in your mouth your throat will close to protect itself and it's mind over matter to open it up enough to let a cock down there. Deep throating also depends on position though. If your guy curves then you'll want to be in a position where the curve will go in the direction down your throat. Good luck!

how do you feel about taking "facials"?

I think they're messy, and I LOVE getting messy!!

I've noticed that a lot of pronstars pubic areas look smooth, clean & clear. Do you shave, wax, or get lazered? I really would like to get that same look.

Different girls have different methods. I used to get really bad ingrown hairs and red bumps after I shaved, but now I always use a mixture of my own concoction. I mix some vitamin e oil and tea tree oil in the palm of my hand and rub it all over my pubic area after I shave. The vitamin e is good for your skins general health and the tea tree is a natural antiseptic which kills any left over bacteria in your pores that can lead to ingrown hairs and infections! I swear by it now!

I used to wax but now I laser.

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