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This is your chance to ask these adult film stars everything and anything you ever wanted to know about a Pornstar and more.. get your questions answered on dating tips, getting laid, sex advice, and more..! Don't be shy."


About Adrenalynn: "Hi guys and Girls, I'm a fresh new face to the Adult Entertainment world. I've
been said to have that daring and edgy look, from Hollywood starlet, to pin-up girl, to the girl
- next - door. I'll be here at to answer any questions you might want to ask me.
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About Shay Jordan:

Shay Jordan™ demands attention. Standing tall at 5’8” with an all-natural, curvaceous body, long dark
hair and sparking eyes she is both gorgeous and innocently exotic. Poised with exquisite Asian and
German heritage, and an exotic childhood that included residence in The Philippines, Hawaii and San
Diego, Shay is worldly and pragmatic.

After high school she tinkered with modeling while she pursued a degree from San Diego Culinary Art
School. Today she spends her free time in the kitchen and specializes in French and Asian cuisine.
When she’s not cooking she loves to dance and is greatly influenced by hip-hop and R&B.

Shay describes herself as silly, fun and loyal. Oozing with sex appeal and self-confidence, and guided
by extraordinary drive and focus, she looks forward to becoming one of the world’s most demanded
sex symbols.
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im a bit of an overweight person whos tried to get with women but ive had no sucess and im still a virgin at 28 year old [with multiple rejections under my belt] but ive given up on ever having a sex life,even a girlfriend and/or a life altogether[i mostly lock myself away from the world nowadays] what should i do?by the way im not suicidal thats just a cowards way out.? :(

You should def start thinking differently first of all. You have way too many negative things going on in ur life and in ur head. It is very easy to turn things around. Gain some confidence. Being over weight doesn't mean much anymore babe. I see a lot of heavier guys with gorgeous women. It's all about being confident in yourself and knowing that there absolutely has to be at least one woman out there for you. She just hasn't come your way yet. Start watching funny movies or movies that make you happy. Just start getting the positive vibe in your life and everything else should just fall into place.

Shay, i met you at that convention in vegas this year but was taken aback at how gorgeous you were. i'm going to try and go back next year and see if you'll have drinks with me. so my question is how would a normal guy stand out from the crowd and impress you?

Eye contact. When guys make eye contact with me I get impressed.
Impressed that he's actually looking into my eyes and not my body. Also a smile. And don't be shy. I like brave men =)

What steps would I take in getting a normal girl to enjoy porn with me? She's already told me that porn is disgusting. Im pretty freaky but don’t want to scare my conservative chick. Any ideas?

Well some girls are more into girl girl porn because it's not so extreme. You might wanna try that first. You can also just ask her to give it a chance. Tell her you'll play any kind she wants and say if she really doesn't like it you'll turn it off.

Why does it seem that all the women I'm attracted to are only themselves attracted to assholes who treat them like shit?

It's not that they are attracted to assholes. Honestly I think that, women just like a little bit of a challenge. When we get too much love and romance it kind of gets sickening. Sort of like when you date a girl once and she falls in love and constantly calls you or constantly wanting to see you. We like to know we are the only one you want to see, but if you wanted you can always see someone else. Also I think some women tend to like assholes because they feel good about being the one that makes them nice or loving. Sort of a power trip. Another thing is that some women like assholes because they feel they are good to them but assholes to other women. Common mistake but it's true.

Hello Shay,
I was wondering, does a woman care more about personality or appearance ? Do I have to be a very cute guy to have a HOTTT Girlfriend. A lot of women say that Im a pretty good looking man with a great personality. When I look in the mirror I see an okay looking man. Does every beautiful women look for a very hot strong man?

No, not at all. Some women do like strong attractive men who are shallow. It's a wierd mind trip for them. When it comes to real feelings and love appearance tends to fade away. I have loved plenty of guys who were average and maybe even ugly. But they were amazing boyfriends and that meant more to me. Plus average guys are so much more into their women than hot guys.

What is hottest pose to persuade a man?

Probably the ass up in the air pose. With our everything showing. The doggy pose. It's one of the hottest.

how do these dudes in porn last so long? before busting a nut that is.

Honestly you should ask one of them because I'm not sure. I would imagine though that there is some sort of herbal supplement =)

No offense but why do pornstars bang guys that most of the public would think is totally out of their league???? exp rodney (blast) moore

Because most hot guys aren't good in bed. No offense, but they think just because they're hot they can fuck. Most guys who are average or even unatteactive try harder at sex because that's how they make up for not being so hot. Plus not a lot of guys can get their ding dings hard in front of a bunch of people and keep an errection and cum on demand. So we take what we can get.

Hey Adrenalynn, I really appreciate beautiful women and you definiatly qualify, my question is, if you could make love to another woman from the
porn industry or from the mainstream movie industry, who would it be, assuming she wanted to? From Lee (Male) in the U.K.

Hmmmmm? I guess I'm the kind of girl who really and truly enjoys another woman. I've only had a few movie shoots with other women :[ I could ramble
off a long list of chicks I'd love to be with. But what it boils down to is I just love a chick who is into what she's doing. I don't want someone who is doing it for a guy or some other reason other than they want to.

ive seemed to have stumbled into a problem. when i was younger i was kind of an awkward kid tall skinny kinda nerdy when i got a little older i started getting tattoos, piercings, scarification shit like that now that getting ready to hit thirty and ive come into my own as far as now im like 6'4 about 225 and pretty decent looking i guess i cant seem to find someone who wants to spend quality time with me, all i seem to get is women who want to fuck me because of the whole bad boy image or people who date me with the intent to piss their parents off and when their parent find out im really intellegent and they except me the girl usually drops me i dont regret anything ive put my body through and ive tried different styles of dress and what not but i feel like a fish out of water any ideas on how i can fix this problem? if you can call it that

I totally know what you mean, and I think a lot of other modified people can relate. Its sad really. There are still so many stigmas and stereotypes out there today. All I can say from experience is that people will always judge its just human nature. Just be you. And if these people just want to hang out until they find out how intelligent you are than, do you really need those kind of people around?

Adrenalynn: I think by far you are the hottest porn star. I'm to afraid to get tatted, but I love yours. Without sounding too much like a perv, but my girlfriend and I also love the way you arch your back. I guess that comes with all of your dance? You've got me thinking about signing up for ballet 101. Also, are you no longer a contract girl with DP? I see you on some other websites ie Brazzers and Naughty America and can't wait for you new DVD with Elegant Angel. Best of luck and I can't get enough!

Thanks so much!! Its cool, I'm glad you dig em!. It's ok, sometimes you risk sounding like a perv, but you are speaking on porn so you are in the clear. Yes, years of classical training and me still stretching and dancing around everywhere I go did that. Plus I really always loved contortionist and that was like the coolest hottest thing to me. . . hehe ne who yes ballet is GREAT, really tough on the body but great. No I am no longer with DP, and I have worked with some companies I worked with prior to my contract and some new ones. If you want me to work with a certain company just write them and tell them how bad you need your Adrenalynn Fixxx, you never know it may happen. (did you check out the bts in Curvy Girls, has a fan shot out in it!) I hope you enjoyed Curvy Girls from Elegant Angel. I think the scene and behind the scenes is one of the first movies that really shows me being me :]

Hello Shay it s Sylvain from France, YES you are this mystery woman, THE mystery woman in fact. ;It s all about you , the lyrics, the second degrees I think I could do everything, even find a name for a restaurant ( oh,.. it s already done.. : )). Scorpio and Taurus get along very well : even astrology want to help me (us ?)!!! So in your first advice you told me If a guy did that for me I think I would fall in love so fast. Is it still true ? ah, ah, ah : ) ..You are a advice specialist, so now, what s next ? : do you will send me a personal email and begin something ?, do you will fall in love? (season 2 is coming soon - be my scully, I ll be your fox .yes I want to believe, too!), Do you will teach me all you know about cookin ? you will let me down (is it just possible ??? ) I m waiting for you. Bises, kisses, Sylvain. PS: it s crazy, but I believe in this story and you ?

Oh baby! U r amazing... U sure know how to make a woman feel special.
Wow my very own admirer. I haven't been courted in a very long time. U should come to California n we can open our restaurant together =). A lot of the people I love are Taurus so I know we're a good match. What's ur email address?

Adrenalynn, do u come to houston very often if so, when will you b here again...would really love to get tatted up by u n to get sum films autographed...

I have no idea when the next time is. But I've got a lot of fam and people down south. Not sure but I'll def be swangin' to the Houston zoo! Stay tuned on my site for where I'll be and when.

That army shoot... Fn HOT!!!! Hope to see you on trip to LA.. Richard

Hehe, It was so know I love playing dress up. But for some reason I have a thing for uniforms well parts of em, and leaving them on in the bedroom. They are pretty up there huh ;]

Any chance of seeing u 2 hot babes in a scene together? That would be smokin :P.. Shay, ur fuckin hot, same to u Adrenalynn...

I would love to work wit Adrennalyn. I've wanted to since I first met her sexy ass. I hope to work with her one day.

hey ladies, lots of chick friends i have tell me im a good looking guy but i just dont know why i can never talk to a girl; i see when im on the metro or something. like i always catch a chick starring at me but like i dont know what to do. do you think they look cus i seem attractive or they're just looking around. what would be a good way to make the girl notcie that they have your attention or that you like them??!!

Well look at them back and crack a smile. I mean, use your eyes. Eye contact is the first step. Once that starts and you show interest back by smiling or staring back at them, they should know. All it takes for me is eye contact! That goes for most girls.

To Shay or Adrenalynn. I'm 19 and my girlfriend recently broke up with me because she said my dick was too small (6 1/2) and I wasn't satisfying her enough. Since then I've been having major confidence problems, especially when trying to approach women. The whole breakup has really gotten to me for some reason. Can you maybe give me any suggestions on how to boost my confidence level back up? -Luke

Forget that chick. She just made that up to hurt your feelings. Must have been a bad break up. Anyway, start by knowing that most women really don't like huge cocks. I mean there are some who do, but most women don't. It hurts. Also if that worries you, you should get your oral skills up. That could make up for it a little. I know women love a man who can eat pussy very well even if his cock isn't very big. You gotta get cocky. Yjkbk of the women before her that you satisfied. Think back to the girls who loved your cock. That should help your confidence a little too.

hey this question is for adrenalynn and shay, i am a guy who has a huge 13" penis no really ive gone to the doctors and had it checked out but i find it kinda akward when the only sex position i can think of are oral and vaginal i need help figuring out what position will just get her to that climax any help would be appreciated -Jordan

Wow! That is huge. I would think that regular mish position would be good. Just don't go too deep and slowly stroke it in and out. Get her pussy so wet that it slides right thru. Then when you're in the groove try sticking a finger or two in her ass and maybe put a vibrator on her clit. All at the same time. She should climax HARD!

this question is for both... Couple questions I u really like to suck cock or is it "part of the job"? If u do like it, what is it that u like? Also, do u/have u ever swallowed a load?

Oh I love sucking cock. I suck my dudes cock while he's playing video games. I crave it. The way it feels in my mouth and the way I slowly get it deeper and deeper in my throat. I'm not a deep throated but I love trying. That's part of the fun. Swallowed my first load ever a couple days ago. Yummy!

i'm a 24yr male and i guess at this point i'm where your kinda suppose have good amount/ or ton of experieance in sex, but i don't, i've had 2 girl friends one from 16-18 then 21-23 the last one no sex tell marriage, theres some things i can do well like oral and sex i'm good but kissing not so much i'm ok, since kissing and the other stuff are strong point for girls i'm afraid and nervous that i might meet a girl with more expericance then me and automaticully be turned off because i'm not good at this stuff and doesn't want to teach someone my age anything and fells i'm suppose to be great at it from the get. your advise would greatly appreceaided(suck at spelling). oh and you two are fine as hell (probably get that all the time haha :) yeah but thanks for reading- pantro
I suggest you find a really cool chick friend and ask if you guys can be friends with benefits. That way you can get some experience and you both will have a little fun on the way. If you dont have any of those then just watch porn or movies with
a lot of kissing in it.

Pantro, I think you may be surprised how many woman there are out there young, and more wise that LOVE to teach. No, they get off on teaching. There is no certain age when certain sexual things should be done by. EVERYTHING is relative.
And thanks so much :]

Ok so i've been told that im an ok looking guy and people don't know why
the hell i don't have a girlfriend...but whenever i do try i get rejected literally every time. I really just want a relationship where i can really care for someone. I was just wondering if either u could give me some general
advice? anything specific i should do that could sweep this woman off her feet?

Every woman is different. There are things that work wonders with some women and for others it does nothing. It really just depends on the woman, I can say that most women like confidence. If you think you're hot and can get girls, it should make it that much easier. Don't look for someone either, just wait and someone will come along when you least expect it.

salut shay, it's sylvain your future french sous chef - i love when you speak french - ( of course i'm ok for the job !). For the mystery woman, i must be honest, seduce her is harder than find -the- perfect name for our restaurant...i'd like to describe her a little bit, if you're ok : She Have Anything You could want, do you know what i mean ? but how can i make her understand: i got "anything she could want" ?? That is the question ! If you got the solution : please : help me! i kiss you, Sylvain. PS : do you think astrology could help me? She is scorpio, i'm taurus, is it good??? PS : Thanx again for your last answer , i never thought the word "toge
ther" would be so nice... : )

Hmmm. I'm starting to get a feeling this mystery woman is me =) is it?
Oh and I believe in astrology a lot. Scorpio and Taurus get along very well. Spill your beans! Is it me?

I'm a 19 years old boy from Brazil and I love you! I've seen you at bangbros' site. You're the hottest pornstar ever, I like asian... :) Anyways, I've seen in a website that your boobs are natural. Is this true? I love them. I didn't get any tattoos, but I can't go to USA right now for you to make me one, and I don't want it from any other profissional. Nevertheless, when this happen, you could teach me somethings in bed han? :) Love, Philip.

I started doing porn by answering an ad in the newspaper. I did solo pics and masturbation work for a while before I started doing girl girl work. After doing a few girl girl scenes I decided to do boy girl, and luxjiky I landed a contract with a great company.

so how exactly did you get started. i would love to enter the porn industry. i have a very high sex drive. And i really wish i could please my needs with women like you. please help me get started.

If u want to get into porn, I suggest looking for a good agency. All you have to do is search online and you'll find a bunch.

How has your family supported your time spent in the adult industry?

My family is really cool about my profession. They accept it very easily

What type of hip hop are you currently listening to? Whats on your ipod right now?

I have a lot of old shit in my iPod. Got some, T.I., 50 cent, Mariah Carey, fabulous, hurricane Chris, snoop, usher.. Many Many more.

At this moment you KNOW I have: A Millie, A Billie Remis
Lil Wayne, Jay Z
U.R.A.Q.T M.I.A. and some old school Swishahouse freestyles

Would you ever consider getting into mainstream acting? Whats next for you? How long will you do porn for?

I would definately consider getting into mainstream acting. I love to act. Honestly that's part of why I love my job so much. Being in main stream movies would be a dream come true for me. As far as what's next? Hmmm more porn I guess. Well for now. Eventually I'll rise up and hopefully end up behind the camera. Or on a show that I host. Bigger and better things are always next.

Whats the naughtiest thing you like to do when you're not on the set?

I like to masturbate while my boyfriend is sleeping in the middle of the day. Its fun to watch a movie with him. He falls asleep and I'm always still up. Before I know it I get horny and I start touching myself. Then I play with it and stare at him and get off hard. Its funny cause I twitch and shit when I cum so sometimes he wakes up n I have this " oopps I'm caught look ". He's used to it now. He says I'm a nympho and I play with myself too much. Haha what's too much?

If I was serious about getting a tattoo, what would it take to get one from you?
I think it would be incredible to get one from a pornstar.

Thanks for inquiring about my services as an artist of the flesh. Its not super difficult. Since I travel I work by appointment usually. All you need to do is email about setting one up with me, but check out some of my artwork first ;] Im also great at things I do off my knees. .. Info is @

Hey Adrenalynn, Is it true you are half black?

Yes, this is true.

Adrenalynn, How hard is it to maintain a relationship with your husband?,
him knowing you are in porn? I mean do you guys do oragies all the time?
Do you let him get with other girls too? Is he in porn as well?

Ummmmm. . . not at all hard. He actually has always done a lot of my photography and we are super comfortable with one of my jobs. No he is not in porn. I don't believe I've really had an orgy before, on my list of things to do though. I think in any relationship you should NEVER have to LET anyone do anything. You
don't own the person you should own their heart.

Adrenalynn, Just wanted to say you have a very unique look. Very exotic.
Your eyes and lips are to die for .

AWWWWWWW, thats not so much a question. However I really appreciate the sweet comment. Muah Adrenalynn

I have a girlfriend that always wants to pick a reason to fight right around a holiday or big weekend. I am starting to get suspicious that she is cheating on me or looking to hook up with someone else. She used to be really clingy with me and now it’s the total opposite. Should I be concerned? You think shes doing the dirty dirty with someone else? Help me out.

Sounds like it to me. I know how we girls are. When we start not caring what our boyfriend does, it usually means its because we dont want them asking us questions that we have to lie on the answers to. Start being clingy with her and see what she does. If she starts getting mad that ur always asking her about her where abouts then yes she's creepin.

My dear Shay, it's Sylvain from France, Yes I got a name for your future restaurant, you 're specialized in French and Asian cuisine, so you need a name with French or Asian accent ! (it will be French...'cause I don't speak Asian... : ) so what do you think of: -" CHEZ JORDAN" - translation : "Jordan s" in English, lot of French restaurant got this kind of name, but the genius (!!!) is because it is pronounced like "Shay Jordan" in French ! So, do you love ??? When we will open? ( did I say we ??); What is your speciality in French cookin ? Thanx kisses, bises PS : "you should just keep trying" you said, ok... but, am i on the right way

I love it!!! That name is Perfect!!! "Chez Jordan"... U will be my sous chef ok? We will have a wonderful restaurant together with all the best foods. I will open it in a couple of years. Not ready yet. So what happened with that mystery woman?

Whats your favorite spot for the beach? Do you layout nude when you can?
Do you like the beach?

Like spot as in place or where do I like to post up on the beach? I really enjoy the beach at Grand Caymen I went to this summer. Its been a while since
I layed out (tattoos and whatnot). But who doesn't like laying out nakkid???

My favorite spot on the beach is right by the water but not touching it. I love laying out. As far as nude, hell yes! Whenever I get the chance I love it. I absolutely love the beach. Can't say the same for beach water, but the beach is amazing.

Hey Adrenalynn, I've been contemplating getting spider bits in the left corner
of my lip. Im not really scared to get them but at the same time my fiance says she's dated a guy with a lip ring and didn't like kissing it. I tried convincing her that I'd only wear them when Im out in public, and when im at home I'd leave them out just for her and put studs in..but alas she still disagrees with me. I just need to know what to do because I'm still going to get them and she will more than likely get over it, but I just want her to be okay with it....What's a Blak
Kidd to doo? :]

A 1/2 Blak 1/2 White Kidd would say "Why would someone consider
getting spider bites? What kind of spider would you like to get bit with? I'm curious to know." But seriously... How would one only wear a piercing in public when you have to keep it in for at least 6 months before you take it out? If this was me... I would worry about whether or not I was compatible with such vast differences in the way that you think each other should look. IF you're in it for love, and she'll get over it... then you could just go with a labret stud instead of a ring and if she's not kissing your chin then she shouldn't be able to feel it. However, it's still may not be aesthetically pleasing to her.

Adrenalynn, I NEED to know, are you're into Dorks more than the Sexy, Buff guys? :P

No, no... no... I do not like Dorks. I like Nerds. Here's the difference: But what I really like are guys who have converted from the Nerdy/Geekie side into the Cool Guy Side by way of their intelligence.

Adrenalynn, What was the funniet moment that ever happened while making
a movie? -signed, Rev.

I don't really have a funny one... there's so much funny stuff on Behind the Scenes on the DVDs. But like.. the most fun thing, kinda funny, was on my first inter-racial scene, SexZ Pictures 'Get Reel'. In-between takes, myself and the male talent,, this HUGE, Muscular guy with tattoos, both start doing ballet. A Pas De Deux to be exact. It was good times.

I'm married, and my wife wants to have a threesome. Me, and another girl.
She likes DP with toys, so I'm sure she'd enjoy a threesome with another guy
as well. I'm not really down for either. I'm fairly open minded, but I just have
a gut feeling it would end up driving her crazy. She's the jealous type, that's
for sure. And honestly, I don't think I'd be fine with her having sex with another man. How do YOU make your marriage work? You're like two years younger than I am, my wife has more tats than you, young married couple, I dunno. Maybe you can relate a bit. Not sure how much older your husband is than you.

Why don't you talk it out with her. Tell her your fears about all of this and decide as a couple what you need to do. From all of these random thoughts/question-ish words you have put together it seems like you are a little confused. And really, you both need to get on the same page. A couple that plays together, stays together... as long as you both agree.
Adrenalyn, have you considered doing some bondage modeling? I'd LOVE
to see you wearing a ballgag!

Actually, I got my starts in the 'alt' 'fetish' photography scene. I hope to be doing some new, more intense bondage shoots as soon as I can. AND when my website's overhaul is complete, I'm sure that there will be plenty of older, unseen photo sets waiting there for you.
Adrenalynn: Hi. Have you been following the primaries? Who do you think
will win the next election now that Obama has effectively been nominated?
J - London

I don't have anything to say about that.
adrenalynn this question is for you, you think i can get a tatoo from you
while your naked?

While it sounds like a hot idea, it is so potentially dangerous in a blood borne pathogen sort of way. I can't even wear open-toed shoes when I tattoo...
I get to wear my Rad Converse due to health department standards.
hey just wondering how do you tell a girl that you been messin around
with her breath is damn seriously tic-tac? lol please let me know

LOL!! Wow, just straight up tell her. Baby you got bad breath right now. That's the only way haha...
Considering all the STDs going around, and some are of a potential female partner? I'm pretty sure the Industry has a battery of test you must remain consistent with. However, the average girl is exactly that. I like to do A LOT
in the bedroom, however, I don't want to put on a full- body condom either. What is a guy to do???

Honestly that is a very good question. I havent had much sex with people outside of the industry. I love my job because I like knowing that every person I have sex with has been tested in the last 3 weeks. As far as in my personal life, I would
just always use a condom. Or find one or two girls to fuck with and make sure they
get tested every 6 months at least.
Do both of you girld hang out and live together, somehow??! You both are really starting to look-alike!!

Haha no we don't live together but we have hung out a couple times..
We hung out a lot in vegas at the AVN awards.
Hi girls, this question is for the both of you. I've seen porn and it looks like
most of the girls keep their vaginas very smooth and hair-free. I feel like waxing is the only thing that allows me to be smooth, but I don't like to
wait that long to remove the hair. Shaving really irritates me and I can't
stand the ingrown hairs and bumps. Any suggestions?

I dont shave or wax. I have a little bit of hair and for this industry it seems
to work for me. Although I have been thinking about getting waxed lately. Hmmm, maybe some kind of laser hair removal for vaginas. I know of a couple girls who have got it done and it works.
Salut Shay, it's Sylvain from France (episode 4, saison1) This message is very
important, yes, i do everything you told me, and it seem to work, SHE answer, but...
i don't know, i thought she would write me an email, to know me more, we could write each other every day: bliss, happinness ect...but : NO. Why she didn't do that? I'd like to have a sign from her to know if i'm on the right way, for example: i would ask her to write me a word in French in her next anserw in her column if she is (even just a little) interesting by me, what do you think of that ? (it will be a secret code) Don't let me
down, baby, bises, Sylvain. PS : if you can help me i'll give you a nice present : a GREAT name for your future restaurant (cooool !! ) PS2: oh, i was going to forget, I
AM: slim, tall, confident, not scary-little-boy...and last but not least : i got a great
f*ckin hygiene : )

I think you should just keep trying because she might not really
understand what you are trying to do =)... A great name for my future restaurant!!
Yay I would love to hear it.
Hey Adrenalynn, I think your tats are the sexiest thing about you. Well,
any chick with tats does it for me. Do girls with tattoos prefer guys with ink? You think you would come back to the Big D for a feature dance?? Also do you have any sort of pin-up calender?

Thanks! I love girls and guys with tattoos and other body
modifications as well :] However, tattoos don't make up a personality either.
I would to love to come back to Big D to feature some time. I LOVE MY CITY.
I try to get back and tattoo as often as possible. But if I were to feature, which club
in Big D??? Hmmmmmm.. . I have been a part of other calendars in previous years.
I do have lots of unseen images and would love to take new ones for a calendar. I
have some about to have some help on my site, perhaps that will have to be one
of the store items :]
Hey Adrenalynn. First time I watched one of your movies was on the
bangbros site. And ever after i tried to find other movies with you. And today
i did. I must say you look good you really do. You know i was just wondering how do I hook a date up with you. I'm from Sweden by the way. So you think
it over one day I'm coming over you know. And I would like to meet you. Nice page anyway. Do you have a boyfriend if It's okey I'm asking ? take care ; )

Hehe, 'The Nasty Ballerina'. I'm glad you dug it. A date? I'm
actually a married woman. I do love to go out and shake my booty on the dance floor. Sometimes you can catch me at a Hollywood party or tattooing on the Boulevard, or at in Texas.
Whats the biggest dick you've taken? Whats your favorite size and preference?

I'm not sure on the biggest dick. I'd probably say the largest thing
I've ever taken would be a dildo around the 10 inch area. I prefer a more average size, and love any size to take their time. I love a good loooong stroke, I thinks its key no matter what size dick you have. ;]
I'm wondering what do you look for in a guy. I am a tall, dark, slim and
a handsome man with an amazing personality.

Everything u just mentioned is what I look for in a guy. Plus good
hygiene, a man has to smell good to recieve my love =).
I was wondering, when women look at guys that they think are HOTTT,
are women loooking at men that have alot of muscles or someone that is skinny. Could you tell me your own opinion?

Honestly I Love skinny guys... Tall and skinny!! Mmmm.. I really don't
like muscles. Small toned muscles are good but big bulks aren't hot to me.
hey what can i do to get at more girls and make them want me for who i am.

Have more confidence. I don't mean be cocky, but look at girls like you
can have them if you want. Girls love a strong confident man, not scared little boys .
my girlfriend gets jealous of you even though its just porn how do i convince her that its just a guy thing and that my love has nothing to do with me watching porn or looking at other broads? please help

Haha, I think its so funny how girls even acknowledge their men watching porn!! Come on, atleast its on the damn t.v. And ur not out fucking these girls. Have you tried sitting her down and making her watch it with u? Role play with her. Say babe let's play cops and robbers. Or get porn with really hot guys and see how she reacts. She'll probably love it, and u can say " see babe u like it too "=)..
Hi Shay! from Spain! Do you have boyfriend..and what does he think about your new profession?

I dont get into serious relationships. I find it very hard to keep it healthy
with this profession. Atleast for now.
What's up you sexy azz ladies! Look, I am just a straight up freak! I've been married for 10 years and have never cheated on my wife, and enjoy having
sex with her still after all these years. I mean I'm suckin toes, lickin ass, got
my hands movin grabbin, pinchin, fingerin, vibrators goin...everything! She
got some of that super wet too that squirts all night...gettin horny just thinkin about it! Anyway, although she gives me head on occasion, and rides me
every so often, how do I get her to the same level of FREAK that I am on?
I figured you guys had that "Freak Gene" in you too. Maybe you just have
to be born a straight freak to get all the way down and dirty... What do ya think?

I think you're right! You might have to be born with that freaky shit in you. Although I know some people can be taught. That's if they want to be though. Some people just aren't very sexual. They only have sex for the orgasm. Tell her what you want her to do when you want her to do it, she might like being demanded.
Hi Shay Whats upcoming for you? Whats the freakiest thing you can do?
Do you find it more sexual if you do a scene with a complete stranger or do you need to know the guy or girl you are performing with? What adult actor
or actress would you like to work with that you haven't worked with yet?

Hey!! Well we finished shooting Pirates 2, so that is my new newest
accomplishment. The freakiest thing I've ever done was 2 guys for Pirates. Never done that before. That was my one and only time. It wasnt as bad as I thought though. I really dont mind either way if I know the person im working with or not. Either way I have a good scene.
Hi Shay Whats the biggest dick you've taken? Whats your favorite size and preference?

I think the biggest was 9 inches. Sometimes it hurts but other times
it feels good.. But I prefer any regular size cock like 7 inches maybe even 6 and a
half =).
Hello My Dear Shay, it's Sylvain from France ( episode 3, season 1 ); Seduce her with words, that's an idea! you have seen there was a songwriter in me ! But when i began to write about the way i feel about you know that great girl i told you; i realize it was already done! Yes The Cure already write in "lovesong": "whenever I'm alone with you, you make me feel like i am home again; whenever i'm alone with you, you make me feel like i am whole again; however far away, i will always love you " -Even if i never have the pleasure to be alone with her ( but with your help...everything depend of u baby ... And most of all i could say those words by Guns N' Roses in "patience": "Girl, I think about you every day now Was a time when I wasn't sure But you set my mind at ease There is no doubt You're in my heart now; Said, sugar, make it slow And we come together fine All we need is just a little patience" So what do you think of those lyrics? do you think she will like it? Should i have to write something in French? Do you think she will fall in love before the season 2 ?

Of course I think she will love those lyrics. I know I do. Resite those lyrics to her and I'm sure she will smile.
Hi I'm 22 and I'm talking to a great girl who's 29 closing in on 30. I've tried to be as confident as possible with her but I can't help but feel like my age would hinder anything from developing. We've even shared a bed on a couple occasions and nothing happened. Any advice? -- J.

I think you should continue on being confident. I'm really unsure how we have not blurred the invisible sexist lines that we have created as a society. It seems common place to see a younger woman with an older man... usually with a larger age gap then 7 years. As long as you are on a maturity level high enough to satisfy her then maybe you just need to make a bigger move outside of the bedroom.
Adrenalynn, first of all, THANK YOU for doing porn. You are by far the hottest girl in porn these days. Anywho, It's really hard for me to think about guys my girlfriend has been with in the past. I mean, its the past and i have actually been with like TWICE the amount of girls than she has been with guys, but for some reason we always run into them and it gives me shitty visuals ya know?
I was wondering if you had some advice on how to shake that?

No prob :] Appreciate it, I imagine this is a hard pill to swallow for most men, and women. Running in to people that you have been in the bedroom can always be awkward. I think in most relationships you gotta just leave the past in the past. There usually isn't a whole lot you can do about it, and it will probably haunt you
if you try otherwise. Now if it seems you are running into ghosts from her closet on a regular basis maybe they aren't quite ghosts yet, if you know what I mean. . .

Adrenalynn: Do you think your training in ballet and other performing arts has assisted you in your performances in adult films?

I must say even before I started making adult flicks I have enjoyed my "bendiness". I have never surprised anyone with some of my really flexible abilities and seen them dissapointed. Perhaps its something most of us dig.
Adrenalynn: I work out out the gym pretty often. One of the girls that works out there is really sexy. Whats a good approach to get her back to my pad for some "sets"? I don't want to come off to corny. Any ideas?

"Sets" . . . hehe. Well just try not to be too corny and handle it respectfully. When a woman goes to the gym shes going to work on herself. So just think about it, maybe after a workout you could invite her to a bite to eat some other time outside of your work out attire ;] Who could resist and it should give you a better environment to connect then the gym.
Adrenalynn: I met this chick about a month ago. She called me last weekend to go with her and get her clit pirced. I said "hell yea! I'll roll". So I went with her hoping to hit them skins. We went to like 2 different places and she said she was going to wait on the pierce. We went back to her pad and just chilled out. I froze up and didn't make a move. Was she just putting it out there that she is freaky? Help me out babe.

I'm gonna have to cockblock on this one. Maybe this chick needed moral support, of a guy to go in and have a complete stranger do a procedure on her genital area. ( As a body piercer I must say: It is usually best to avoid sexual contact oral, or genital for a minimum of 2 weeks after a genital or oral piercing. Especially unprotected or rough stimulation. And most women get their clitoral hood or other anatomy pierced not the actual clitorius) But on a positive note when a chick invites you to her place and for moral support shes probably pretty comfortable with you.
Don't freeze up next time, by then her piercing should have healed ;]
Hi Shay. I've been dating this one asian girl for about 3 months now. The strange thing is she farts once in a while and doesn't say anything. It really smells bad and she doesn't say a thing. Shes really hot but I don't know if I
can take it anymore. I don't want to embarass her but damn.. Is this asian culture or something? I don't understand why she doesn't say anything.
Any advice?

LOL!! Omg that is so funny. No, it is not an asian culture. It's just her. Maybe she just feels real comfortable around u. But I don't get why she wouldn't say anything. Maybe next time she does it you should say something. Say something cute though, nothing embarassing. Maybe something like, " aawww baby ur a little stinky dinky " or " that was cute babe ". Then maybe she'll say something and you guys can go on from there.
Hi Shay it s Sylvain from France. I want to thank you, because it work! She answer to me in her column in RAP INDUSTRY so I think I do 1% of the work ( do you think I did more ?). You know that girl deserve romance more than every girl, she is so special, she is not like all the others girls, so I will not speak to her like to all the other girls I want her to know that I want to spend my time with her, listen to her, watching movies, speaking of everything, there will be no other girl even you (don t take it the wrong way, I just tease you a little bit) ; ) know I ve invented the second-degrees-talkin-seduction for her !But I m sincere in every word I also do crazy things like reading about Philippines (she come from there), I m also ready to (try to) learn more about cooking ( she like to open a restaurant she study cooking hey I ve told you : she s great!) ok, I m quite bad to cook but I can work to could open an Asian-French restaurant : ) So, since your reply I feel I NEED YOU MORE THAN EVER, together we can make it happens! you can see you are still the one who can help me do you think it begin to work ?, I listen to your last comment and try to be sincere as possible. Kisses. PS : my invitation to drink champagne in Cannes is still waiting PS 2 :still can answer on my email or at your column xoxo

Well I'm so glad she answered you babe. I'm happy the plan worked. Wow she comes from the philippines too like me, and a cook like me. That is very cool. So what do you think we should do next? Seduce her with words? Write her a beautiful poem? Maybe write out lyrics to a beautiful song that reminds u of her? Try it and let know how it goes babe.
i have a neighbor that always comes over and asks for things like salt, butter, sugar, etc. shes smokin hot but shes married. each time she knocks on my door she looks really hot and dressed up real sexy. Should i make a move or have i been watching too much porn?

Haha, you've been watching too much porn. You don't want to make a move on the married neighbor. That situation could only go sour in the long run.
i have been really good friend with this one girl and she has become one of my bestfriends. i want to fuck her but i dont know how to make a move on her, im afraid that i might loose her if i try to make a move. and i would hate loosing her cos she means alot to me. but n e ways is their n e ways i can do to make our friendship a lil more sexual..cos ive been wanting to fuck her for a long time.

Chances are, she probably wants to fuck you too. Start by hinting at it first though. Don't make a move right away. And if you choose to make a move, do it when you guys are wasted, cause then you can always blame it on the liquor.
How can i get a porn star to have sex with me?

Go on a escorting site and hire one.
Me and my man have been dating for a while. He seems to never have any time for me lately. He says he's been doing late night sessions in the studio but I think hes cheating on me. How do I find out? He just denies it. I just have this gut feeling that hes doing someone else.

I'm not really sure how to tell you exactly how to find out if he is cheating without straight up spying. I think as adults in a relationship the first thing you did to just ask is what you should do. Hopefully he has just really been busting his ass in the studio, sometimes late night is best for certain creative minds. If you think you need to go the other route and you really think you will find him cheating, do you want to be with him anyway?
Have you ever been in a rap video? You have the look for it. I could see you doing your thing next to Snoop or Jay Z in a dope music video.

No I have never had the pleasure of being in a rap video. Thanks so much, who doesn't want to look like "the video girl" I'm so glad you think so. Well, I'm also a classically trained dancer, I would love to shake my booty in a video. Maybe someone will see this and take us up on our offer hehe . . .

Whats ur favorite way 2 have sex and do you make ur noises in bed all
the time or do you be faking it? this question is for Shay

My favorite way to have sex is mish.. I know!! Boring right?? But honestly mish feels so good cause it hits my spot on point. Plus I can kiss my dude while he's givin it to me. Yes my bed noises are real, I have always been loud. The only time I'm quiet is the 10 or 15 seconds before I get my nut.. Haha I get dead silent!!
How do porn stars keep their dicks so hard, for so long, what do they use,
and what do they use to make their dicks so big?

Honestly I don't know what they use to get their dicks bigger but I think they just have big dicks and that's why they're in the industry. To keep it hard for a long time I'm pretty sure they use Viagra, cialis, all the stuff you hear about.

I have heard all kinds of off the wall stuff! My best recommendation would be to just be healthy. Most of those techniques have some sort of really negative health risk. Stick with your natural ability, you can always work on prolonging it ;]
This question is for both of ya (adrenalynn & shay) Is penis size really that important to satisfy a woman?

Hell No!! Size has never mattered to me. I like my cock to be hard when I want it to be and to stay hard until I cum. Or if it takes too long and he wants to cum, he could always just go downtown and lick it =).

I certainly DON'T have like the perfect penis size. I must say I love the variety of how different each penis is. Shape and size, and of course it is crucial how you lay it down.
You have many different looks. You’re a re very sexy. What color will you change your hair color to next? I couldnt tell if you have any tattoos? Do you have any or will you ever get any?

I was thinking of going a little lighter next time I get it done. Bigger blonde highlites or something. I have 3 little tattoos and yes I would love to get more in the future.

Hello Shay, I send you this message because i think you are the only one who can help me! So this is my problem: I try to seduce a girl but it's very hard; in first i'm French and she live in the USA, in second i never meet her.(!!!) She work in adult movie, and she got a column in RAP INDUSTRY, she is so f*ckin' cool ! We love the same things: music, movie? WATCHING TV SERIES ( i love LOST and X FILES) I don't know why, but i think she is the one ! I need you to tell me if i'm on the right way: i think i will write her a email at her column where i will explain my problem to her ( and i 'll pretend i speak of an other girl, if you know what i mean ; ); i think she could think it's very funny and immediatly fall in love with me!!! That's my plan...What do you think of that? I could also tell her how much i'm beautifull, intelligent, funny, and not pretentious (!?!) because it's right, but i think it could be "too much" what do you think? please i need you... ; ) Kiss, salut, Sylvain. PS: Oh, an other thing, i'm not sure but i think she got a boyfriend...yes, i know, it's if you can help me.... i'll pay you Champagne on the Croisette in Cannes !!!!! Bye xxx

Aaawww I think she would love it if you did that. If a guy did that for me I think I would fall in love soooo fast. You seem like a very romantic guy. That's good, girls deserve romance, the sweeter the better. Shower her with ur feelings and make her feel good. But I think you're right telling her all that about yourself might be too much. Take it slow and tease her a little bit.
ok, so im seeking some HELP. me and my girlfriend, who i've been with for two years now, jus has not been in the mood for sex. we have had our fun and have done our fair share of the nasty, but for the past 2 months its been NOTHIN, not even a deep long good kiss. i've done my cute things, like taking her out being a good guy, i even pull the tough man roles sometimes with her. ive done everything i can do to try and get intament with her, so help me out with some advice. What should i do with/or to my woman to bring back the passion?? thanks.

Maybe you need to address the issue. I'm sure she is feeling just as equally burned out. Perhaps you have just became really busy or just ultra comfy. Make some time for the dirty. Better yet surprise her with some sex in the middle of the day catch her off guard. Start things back up.
Hey hows it going im a big fan of yours...i had a simple ? what does the
tattoo on ur ass say around ur asshole? .. my bad.

It reads: "Jarrod's Little FuckDoll"
Here is a youtube links with an explanation:
What is it that women really want? Do pornstars really get an orgasm?

I think what each woman wants is very different.... yes pornstars really get orgasms. infact we make a great living doing it. I know myself and other pornstars also enjoy orgasms while masterbating or having sex outside of work.
Do you think your porn career will hurt you if you if you try to get into the mainstream entertainment business?

I honestly dont think my porn career will hurt me at all if I decide to go mainstream. Porn is becoming more and more approved everyday and I have seen porn actors and actresses who have crossed over to mainstream.

I fucked my girl and her best friend a couple of years ago, and I used to still fuck her friend behind her back. Now her friend lives with us and won't let me fuck anymore, and we don't have 3somes anymore. Are they fucking behind my back? If so, how can I tell? BTW,when we had a 3 some last time she started crying, cuz I was beaten the pussy up. She said I didn't fuck her like that, but the reason I was fucking her so hard, was because I had a condom on and it was my second nut. anyways, you think they keeping it secret, like me and her friend used to? Can girls fuck each other, then go back to being just friends? They say, they only did it that one time, not b4 me, not after me.
I say BS

Well, that's an interesting question. They dont necessarily have to be fucking. Honestly I think she won't let you fuck no more cause she's living with yall and she probably feels guilty for fucking you behind her bestfriends back. I'm sure she doesn't want to risk losing her friendship just to fuck her bestfriends man. Even though she did it before, its different if all 3 of you are living together. Maybe she didnt want your girl to feel like just cause she moving in, your gonna have two girlfriends. OR maybe they're fucking eachother, but honestly I doubt it, I think you would notice signs by now.

Hi Adrenalynn, I Just broke up with my girlfriend of 6 yrs and am finding it very hard to get back out there on the scene. What do girls want to hear from a guy these days? I dont want to come across to corny but the only lines I know are "you are relly pretty.. can I buy you a drink, or could I take you out to dinner sometime?".. what else can I say to let a girl know I am genuine in really meeting her and not some creepy guy? signed rookie in the field.

I know I prefer if a guy were himself. So scratch the lines. Just say hey-- talk about whats going on in the moment. Ask her how she is or compliment her shoes, chances are she may go on and on.
Adrenalynn, What are some of the things that you think turn girls on the most during sex/foreplay? Basically, what are some secret tips for me to make girls addicted to my sex? Try to list as many as possible for me. - Reminisce

Pay attention to detail. Every girl is very different and may have different favorites. I really dig when someone plays with my hair and soft kisses all over rock! I've never heard anyone complain about an awesome sensual massage. . .
Adrenalynn, Recently the relationship with one of my friends has crossed from a friendship to a personal one. She loves to be flirty and loves it when I spend individual time with her; it seems she loves for all my attention to be on her. I have attempted to get closer to her, but she seems to put up barriers when I do so. There was a time that it discouraged me and I attempted to move on, but when I did so it attracted her back in. Then I was in the same situation. The question is what should I do? I don't want to waste my time, but at the same time I do like this girl. Thank you Sandman.

Seems to me like it could possibly be the time to bring it up in conversation. You obviously like this girl, and she likes you on some level. When you took away your attention she wanted it even more. Find out if it is friend energy or somthing more.
Hello, I m 18, a college student, and a virgin. I ve never had a steady girlfriend, but with girls on campus I ve had a couple of chances to loose my virginity. I don t know if I should just do it or wait till I find someone I really care about. What advise would you give about loosing your virginity?

This is really a personal question relative to each person. It seems to me if you wanted to give it away to a chick you didn't really care about you would have already done it. You've had the opportunity. Go for it when it feels right.
I'm a 31yr old guy who got HPV even though I was wearing a condom. I haven't had a gf in 3 yrs, let alone sex, and I feel I'll never get to have a gf ever again. How can I date?

Yes because HPV can infect areas not covered by a condom they dont always fully protect you from transferring it. A great place to start is online. Try support forums they are a great place to meet other people with HPV as well as offer awesome help. And most importantly don't forget to be honest.
Hello Shay,
whats your favorite hip hop group? When you do the " Dirty" at home
what music do you listen to? what's your favorite sex song?

I don't have a favorite hip hop group. I do have a favorite rapper though, which is T.I. Oh gosh I want to marry him. When I'm making love at home I like to listen to RnB of course, stuff like J Holiday, Usher, Mario, oh and Plies cause he's so freaky deaky with his words haha. I don't have a favorite sex song yet, I need one though so come back again and ask me in a few months and I'll have one.
Hello Shay,
I am the type of guy that is unique and creative with my appearance. I like to try different haircuts and styles. I was wondering If I dye my hair orange, blue, or any other color, would women think I am GAY? My original hair is black.

Honestly, yes. Either gay or just wierd. I feel you on being creative but there's a limit.
Hello Shay,
I have trouble communicating to girls. The main reason is my confidence and the size of my dick. Im packing only about 3 inches and thats rock hard. I have fantastic skills with my tongue but I dont think thats enough. How do I get the girl of my dreams without her laughing at me?

Honestly I would be more satisfied with a guy who's good with his tongue than a guy with a big cock. Trust me you will find a girl who will feel the same as I do. I bet when u make a girl cum with your tongue she won't be laughing at anything.
Hello Shay,
what are your aspirations outside of porn? What do you see yourself doing 5-10 years from now? BTW: Your are incredible looking!

Thanks baby. I would love to direct my own porn some day. I would also love to own my own restaurant. I am a certified chef also so I have a passion for cooking.
Hello Shay,
I'm dating this shawty right now and she says my cock is too big. Im about 9 long. She wont let me hit it but once a month. The problem im having is I caught her beating off with a dildo that was about 12 inches long and she had that thing balls deep. So how do I confront her and see whats really goin down?

Oh hell fukkin no!!! She's definitely creepin man fuck her, or don't!
If she would rather fuck a dildo than a real cock which is huge btw then she's cheating baby. U should start trying to fuck her everyday and when she says no say fine I'm gonna take ur fake dick and throw it out. And then leave that bitch cause she's WACK!!!

Hi Adrenalynn, I have to say you are extremely gorgeous! My question is I cant seem to lock down the perfect girl. I've been searching for a long time. Is there a perfect girl? I dont want to settle for less. My friends say there is no perfect girl and everyone has their issues. Either they have materialistic issues, or they have mental problems. Looks are important for me. I cant settle down with a girl that has good values and looks like some dishwasher. Any ideas?

As a chick who digs chicks too, I know how hard it can be finding a "perfect" girl. #1: I think the first step is to stop LOOKING. Yes, you can always be aware and on the look out, but don't try to look for 1 specific girl. You may miss a good one doing this. Every woman and man has a story as to how they got where they are. Some good and some bad. . . but you are dating the person they have become, not their past. The best thing I can tell you to do is keep an open mind. Get past the one horrible story from the past she has told you, or maybe give girls who you may not think are as pretty a chance too. You never know she may be the perfect girl for you.
Do you think being a gentleman can be overwhelming at times for girls?
Because i know alot of people think im just some cholo, but im a real nice dude. Who always makes sure i open the door for the girl around me and all that good stuff. But yet im still single. Any advice on how to start a good conversation with a girl i might just see in a mall? or advice on trying to meet girls, period? thanks.. love a Friendly Vato

Hehe. I love gentlemen! Sadly, friendly Vato. . . I have found the majority of girls are a little taken back by some chivalry. With this said these girls may just be a little more intimidated to open up to some like this because it is so foreign. Not to worry though, I think almost anything can be an awesome conversation starter. It doesn't hurt if you just held the door open for her before you go in with the first move ;]
i want to fuck my girl. she wont let me. how can i turn her on? love you Samuel

Hmmmm.... if I was your girl. I want you to not just try to fuck me. I myself love some foreplay. It can be physical or even mental foreplay. . . Perhaps you could bring up the topic, the conversation may smooth over as some good intro to the subject.
i am a male and want to be a porn actor help me join coz i love it. How do I start?

This is a question I get kind of a lot. Before you even start to think you want to be a porn actor, make sure there are some things you know you are comfortable with. You should be able to have sex with 1 beautiful woman, or two women who are the complete opposite of what you find attractive. And you've got to keep your sail at full mast in front of a crew of at least 10-20 people. Have as much sex as the director needs for the film, BEFORE you have your happy ending. . . if this sounds like fun or something you can do seek out a local talent agency and see where you could begin.
Hi Adrenalynn, It is very difficult for me to get a girlfriend. I am a handsome, good looking man with an amazing personality. I don't have a problem talking to women but I am not able to ask someone to go on a date with me. I see a lot of HOTTT girls that I want to be with, but sometimes I don't have enough confidence to talk to them. I am afraid being REJECTED. What can I do to solve this dilemma?

Well, when you ask a girl out one of two things will happen. Shes going to say yes or no. And chances are shes going to be polite about either one. So whats the worst that could happen? Just go for it!
ive been friends with this girl for about 2 yrs now. we are pretty close. i want to take it to the next level. i want to tell her how i feel but am worried she might not respond. she always jokes around and i think shes giving me hints but im not sure. what should i do?

Well I have been in your situation before. If she is giving u signs and hints and you know she's doing it on purpose, then YES, make a move. She's probably wondering why its taking you so long to get the hint. OR she is just a flirt and u guys just might be that close to where she feels comfortable enough to act extra friendly with you.
this girl im seeing right now only likes to give head and no sex. i cant figure it out. im not real hung but i cant complain. any ideas on why she wont fuck? she says she isnt a virgin. she says she feels dirty when she has sex but head is ok. i dont get it.

She could possibly be a lesbian. Maybe she doesn't like penetration or she could have had a very bad experience as a younger girl with men.
Try to finger her first and see how she takes that.

Whats your ideal fantasy? What havent you done? You are very sexy. I'd love to have one night with you.

One of my fantasies is to have sex on a car. On the hood and on the
roof of the car. I just think that would be so sexy. You would be able to see all the juices dripping all over the windshield and it would be exciting because the challenge is being able to stay on the car without slipping off from all the juices and sweat. Mmmmm join me?

I'm getting married in 3 weeks and my bachelor party is next week in Las Vegas. I've been hit up to do a 3some with my ex and some of her friends. Do you think it's a trap or should I indulge? If you're going to be in Vegas I'd love to have you join in. :)

Hahaha... Its a trap don't go thru with it... It's not worth it. I might have to take a trip to vegas just for you =). Congratulations by the way.
How would u talk 2 female without sonding like tha typical nigga or asshole.. Signed Nagee

Well, I think you already have the right idea. You know women don't want to be approached with the same tired ass lines. Im sure you know that most women don't want the bullshit pick up lines. Throw her off guard with REAL conversation. This does it for me, its refreshing to get a nice conversation from a man once in a while as a pick up.
Do women like the dominant male! love Big D

Some women do and some women don't. Me personally, I love it. I love to be the submissive one and be dominated on. I just recently heard that some girls would get scared when their man would dominate them so I guess we're all just different.
Whats a good way to get a stripper to go out with you ?... SIGNED NO LUCK

Sadly I'd have to say money. Most of the time if you are meeting an exotic entertainer at the club they are at work! And to most of them it is just that. I'm not saying if you two meet on the streets things might happen. But the chances of her really wanting to date men she meets as customers is rare.
I went down on my girl for the first time and it wasn't happening. It smelled like the docks at long beach harbor..I dont know how to tell her without her being offended. any ideas? signed...Gasmaskin it

Oh no, that sucks butt. Just bring up a story about another girl smelling or about ur friend being with a girl who smelled. Then say that is such a turn off, a woman should always smell good and take care of themselves like you do honey. Then she won't think she smells but she'll know you don't want her to.
Id like to get my girlfriend to do a 3 some..the only problem is she is very strict and into the whole missionary mind-set. How can i get her to loosen up and try new things. Shes smokin hot and i dont want to move on just yet. any ideas?

You are so right. Don't rush anything. Try talking to her about trying new positions in the bedroom. Maybe adding the third person could help, its pretty hard to have more than 2 people in a bed and not move out of the whole missionary mind set.
Hey Beautiful,
My question is how can i make my girlfriend squirt. I've done it before a few times, but I'm not really sure how. Is it the g-spot or what. Can you help me help her rain again? Thanks, G

You know what baby, to tell you the truth, I have never in my life squirted. I never understood how it happened either so I'm so sorry I can't help you with that.
Hi, im having trouble getting a girl. Girls say im real nice looking and should be a model but no girls never wanna date me properly. I doubt its my personality s what could it be?

Well never doubt that it could be something you are putting out there. However, maybe you are just that attractive that you do intimidate some women. I'm not exactly sure what you mean when you say "date properly". . . Don't ever be afraid to make the first move. Many women still love a clever witted man who can spark conversation and win her over.
Well i dunno what to do to get a girl...Im cute & nice but itz hard to get the right way to make a girl to think that i like them.. ive been talking to this girl for a pretty long time but she always thinks were jus friends.. and if i try to make a move she jus says i jus see u as a friend.. do u think theres a way to actually make her like me?

Of course! First of all you two must have already established a friendship which means that is why she says that. She is comfortable with you and like having you as a friend because that is what she's used to. Now if you want to change that, then you have to start changing what you do. Start showing you care more than just a friend, get jealous of other guys. Cute jealous though not the crazy possessive jealous. Start texting her cute little messages like, good morning beautiful, I'm thinking of you, I miss you. Turn your charm on, flirt with her but don't push it.
Has there ever been anything sexual that you've said no to?

Through out time, there aren't too many things. I am a big believer in trying and experimenting. I think you and your partner should be open to different needs, wants, and desires. Always feel free to try something if you don't like it, you don't ever have to do it again. Kinda like trying new foods.
I am a quiet and funny person with a great personality. I'm not the type of person that go to a lot of partys or clubs. I was wondering if there are any women that will like a person like me?

Are you kidding? That's the type of woman I am. I don't party, barely drink and I really don't like clubs. I would much rather stay home and watch movies on my tv. You're fine, you will find someone baby.
I just want to say im a big fan since your first scene on realitykings came out I just want to know what other sites have you been on and movies youve made and what was your first scene like?
signed-- anonymous

I've been on a few site not limited to that one, BangBros, and Naughy America. The first scene I ever did was actually the scene you were speaking of with Billy Glide. It was exciting and fun!
How do I lay YOU? I mean, HONESTLY!

Haha how do you lay me? There's no real straight answer for that. Every person who's ever layed me has got to do it in a different way. It all depends on your sex appeal.
Do you think you might make dancing appearances or do escorting like some other porn stars do?
signed-- anonymous

I would love to some day make dancing appearances! I grew up a trained dancer in ballet, tap , and jazz. So I would so love to put some thing beautiful and dirty to go an meet my fans cross the world.
I'm a good looking guy I hear from alot of people. When I go to a club or hot spot I get nervous going up to a girl I might think I'm attracted to. I know girls get asked all the time to go out or dinner, etc. How can I be genuine in the short period of time at a club, bar, etc? I mean, I see a lot of girls I'd like to settle down with but I dont get enough nerve to go up to them and ask them out. I figure they might just blow me off or think I'm shallow or something if I try a corn ball line like so many of these girls have heard before.. I've tried in the past saying hi to girls that I'm really feeling, they just blow me off and say no thank you. Do you have any advice on being sincere in really getting to know a girl or asking her out for dinner, etc?

You have to connect with a girl that could be feeling you too. You can tell when a girl wants you to talk to her by the way she looks at you. You should only go up to a girl who gives you some attention back because the other girls are the ones who are shallow.
Well I Was Wondering Do You Know Of Some Ways Or Anything To Help Me Last Longer In Bed?? signed-Martin

My best fail proof answer would be practice. Have safe sex or try masterbation and try to hold as long as possible. Go for a longer goal each time. Your sure to gain some time.
I have a wife and we've tried different things in the bedroom. Our latest adventure, or mine really is getting a 3rd person involved.(female). My wife was with it for about 2 months. She let me fuck the other girl whenver i wanted to. Now she's threating to leave me if i continue to see this other girl. my wife says she will divorce me. I've really decided that i love this other girl and told my wife this. The thing is we have 2 kids together. im torn between the 2. what do i do? ...signed should i move to utah.

This is a hard one because I don't know your exact situation. But I do know that, u have a family with your wife and you've only been seeing this new girl for a couple of months. I also don't know how much you like this girl. I don't judge anyone but all I can say is just make sure you stick around for your kids. Make sure you stay in their life and never let that woman get in between u and your children. And you never know another couple of months with her and without your wife might make you realize you really do love your wife. But you should picture your life without your wife and kids and then decide if that's how you want to live.
Whats a good way to get a girl to do anal? signed-- anonymous

Anal is not every girls cup of tea. But I do you know you will have much better results if you are not "getting her to do it" rather she want to do it. Relaxation is the key and she has to be feelin' it!

Hi There, first of all, I am a great fan of you! Well, this is an often repeated question, but here goes. I have a 6.5 inch penis and feel it is small compared to all these huge porn stars. Do you think it is good enough to date women?

Baby yes I do think its enough to please a woman. I actually prefer good sized cocks and not huge because huge cocks hurt, and a lot of women would agree with me. The size doesn't matter, its what you can do with it and what you can do with your mouth.
What would I need to do to get u in bed i think u r so hot and would love to get a chance with you i would do anything ? signed-- anonymous

Off camera I look for partners who are both sexually stimulating as well as mentally. I like people who can make me laugh and take care of me in the bedroom. As with many other women I like it if we don't just focus on the sex...
Babe i must say that you are a very sexy bitch and i fantasize bout giving your p*ssy a good eating. You make me wanna bust a nut. How can i get a girl to f*ck me? im good looking but girls dont come around. Pls honey reply...

Its not easy to get girls to like you. Some girls can be real mean at times, so it really just depends on the girl you're going for. Sometimes you can do everything you're told to do to a girl n none of it will work because those girls don't like anything you did. Some of us like good looking guys, n others like dirty rugged men. Getting a girl is a matter of luck and chemistry between the two of you. Just be sweet but not too sweet, we don't like that. Be strong and confident, confidence is the first thing I notice in a guy. I don't mean be cocky, I mean be confident in yourself. Girls will get drawn to you.
I recently went to a stripbar with my homie. We were having a blast getting pretty friendly with these stripper girls. This one stripper was rubbing her ugly all over my knee and trying to kiss me. We ended up going to her house after the club shut down. There were about 5 girls and me and my homie and some other dude was there that we didnt know. Anyways, we ended up just playing board games instead of getting down and doing the naughty. Were these girls ready for action? Why did they invite us over their house to begin with? They were drunk, the music was bumpin, it was a prime atmosphere for me and my boy to train these hoes. What did we do wrong? signed-- confused

Truth be told, these girls may be singing the same song. However, maybe they were as refreshed by this story as me. I must say I bet you were turned on as hell when you left. But I also bet because you guys were so sweet and showed these drunk entertainers a really enjoyable time with drunken board games they showed you a little extra attention. I bet they really let loose and had a good time. You did nothing wrong. Trust me these girls will be talking you up for a while.
What tattoo of your was the most painful?
signed-- anonymous

Even though I've got tattoos in some pretty crazy places;) I'd have to say the worst one so far is the one on the top of my foot. Its just one of those spots for me that is really intense from the start. I have about 8 hours total work on my foot. Hopefully I can tough out a few more hours and finish it!
I'm a 21 year old male workout addict and I love sex as I know many other guys do. What advice can you give me on getting my foot in the door in todays porn industry.
signed-- Jorge

The porn industry is a little more difficult to get into for men. I would have to say you are on the right track by getting yourself in the shape you want to be in for shooting movies. You also have to be super duper comfortable in having sex in front of people. Sometimes there are up to 15 extra people in the room doing technical things for the movie and you have to be UP for anything! Try shooting some nude still and seeking representation with one of the agencies for adult talent.
Do you have a preference when it comes to penis size?

AI certainly DON'T have like the perfect penis size. I must say I love the variety of how different each penis is. Shape and size, and of corse it is crucial how you lay it down.
Animal, mineral or vegetable? What's the hottest non-human thing you've ever had sex with.
Love, David

I personally am a big fan of tribadism. . . Look it up boys, its pretty hot. It's usually something that your lady can enjoy when you have other ladies over. My favorite is using a foot to finish the job, when in positions when I can!
Do pick up lines really work? signed-- Robert

I think it really depends on the context of how it is presented. Most chicks love wit. So even if you come with a corny line if it is played well we may still go for it. It shows you have some balls if you know your line is corny but you still give it all you got. We love it!
What do girls really want to hear? Do they need to be mentally stimulated before they are willing to give it up? signed-- rookie 1

Each girl is different and maybe different in different situations. Lets say a girl goes out and WANTS to get laid. Does it hurt to still give her some stimulating convo... HELL NO! A lot of us love great conversation as much as guys love head.
How can I get a pornstar? Do pornstars date regular guys?
signed-- Mike S

YES, YES, and YES. Again each chick is totally different. All pornstars do not date within the porn industry. ( Most of the girls don't mind a guy who can lay it down though ;) As with any girl come with your A game. Pornstars are still women. We always love to be wined and dined.
What's the craziest thing you've ever done during sex? What's your favorite position? signed-- eager beaver

Its really hard for me to narrow it down to THE craziest thing I've ever done. Most of the time the craziest things happen when there are more bodies involved. . . kinda like twister. I love a ton of sexual positions. I'm game for anything that involves me being tied up or held down. That really does it for me.

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