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Backbone: Next Plateau

As one will soon learn, this writer received a bit of a reality check when absent mindedly forgetting the man they affectionately call Mr. Fat Face 100 Dollar Bill's impressive premier outing, Concrete Law. Given the benefit of the doubt, and eventually forgiven, after both parties did realize that it has been nearly nine long years between albums.

So, when Rap Industry Dot Com did catch up with the Atlanta, Georgia, resident emcee, "we" were treated to an all out lesson in Backbone's history...

"I think there is an incredible generation of young talent that's going to shock the world. I'm glad to consider myself a part of the movement."

Now for starters, this forthcoming LP will actually be your "official" solo debut, am I correct?

First of all, this will not be my debut album. My first album was titled CONCRETE LAW, which featured the classic single, "5 DEUCE 4 TRE." The new album wil be titled CONTROLED SUBSTANCE, which means I simply give it to the people raw, PERIOD! I was featured on the GOODIE MOB single "GET RICH TO THIS." I wrote the first verse and hook, CLASSIC!

Oh, okay, I stand corrected! I remember, CONCRETE LAW actually dropped in like 2001, right? Well, who did you get a chance to work with this time on CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE?

I rock with a bunch of new producers. New sound, new movement, still DUNGEON FAMILY. STAY TUNED!

But, what about guest appearances?

Of course the family will be featured, but not too many outside of that. Why? WE ARE...

So, which track(s) on the set do you favor?

"THE STREETS IS MINE" is one of my favorite tracks, because I'm taking it back to beats & rhymes, pure emceeing, and "A LONG LONELY ROAD," which is a letter to my D.F. brothers. Good ole down home flavor on that one.

Sounds hot! Take me back to your whole inception...When did you first become interested in music?

I've been involved in music my whole life, since the age of 5 playing different instruments; strings/brass. My parents both played instruments. My father played with Johnny Taylor, Joe Tex, and went on to form his own band, HELL ON DRY LAND. So, basically my whole life.

From early on, who or what exactly influenced you to do what it is that you do?

V103 FM ATLANTA had a show that came on every Friday night called the FRESH PARTY, which played artists from NEW YORK, MIAMI, L.A., along with with ATLANTA artists, such as; SHY D, RAHEEM, D-ROCK, MOJO, SUCCESS IN EFFECT, etcetera. Record stores like BERNARD'S RECORDS & TAPES, SUPER SOUNDS, (and) TURTLES, kept our ATLANTA artists on their shelves, as well as the major acts. Venues like SHYRAN'S SHOWCASE gave these artists a platform to perform on, beside these major acts. We as young consumers, didn't know the difference. They were all "rappers" to us, and we supported them. We were always influenced by a variety of artists.

How then do you classify your sound?

I am well rounded musically. I listen to music from the '20's, '30's, '40's, '50's, up to present day. So, I mold it all together and create my sound. Basically, "I DO MUSIC!"

Was a career in music always your ultimate goal?

Not really, because we didn't have an outlet for "rap" music at the time. But, I do remember telling a group of friends, "I'm gonna make a record one day, Watch!" I actually wanted to be an electrical engineer.

That's interesting! Well, explain for me the derivation of your moniker?

I am the strength of the DUNGEON FAMILY! I support the movement from its essence. BACKBONE A.K.A. MR FAT FACE 100 DOLLAR BILL!

Initially, how did even you get down with the Dungeon Family collective?

I was with the D. F. before BIG BOI & ANDRE 3000 [OUTKAST] came around. We were a collective of emcees two years before we even met them, though they became the biggest group out of THE ALLIANCE. I am one of the founding fathers of the D.F., SALUTE!

Okay. So currently, who makes up the entire D.F.?


How have you managed to maintain your longevity?

Keeping GOD first!

Do you have any additional aspirations?

I'm getting more into helping the new generation of artists understand the business, and developing their art. I want to see artists getting appreciated years later for their work. PLATEAU ENTERTAINMENT GROUP will be heard. I am going to school for draft design and construction management soon, just to set up something for my son. But, he says he wants to be a lawyer, so we pushing that way for now.

That's a very good choice! Well, what is your take on the industry and how it operates today?

It depends on what we give the people as artists. The industry rotates, but an artist can only do his "thang." Remain humble, and they will notice your ethics/art.

What's next for Backbone?

Like I stated, this will not be my debut album! *Laughs!* CONCRETE LAW is (still) available on iTunes. I plan to touch different markets, and take more of a grass roots/hands-on approach to this album. STAY TUNED!!

Are you working on a "live" show now?

The live show will be full of energy as usual. I do want to put a band together to add more of a personal feel to the show. I will rock a stage to pieces, "Yeen heard?"

What's up with the rest of your Dungeon Family brethren? Anything specific y'all are working on?

We always create and collab, it's a "FAMILY!"

Is there anything else that I may have left out or have forgotten to ask about?

We pretty much sealed the sack. Shout-out to my D.F. brothers! Follow us on TWITTER @DUNGEON_FAMILY, follow me on TWITTER @BACKBONE_DF, and on FACEBOOK: BACKBONE - THE DUNGEON FAMILYS OWN.

Sadly, Thursday June 25th 2009, the world lost the greatest entertainer who ever lived -- What was your first reaction upon hearing the tragic news? How does Michael Jackson’s untimely passing affect, not only you, but, music in general? And, in the wake of his demise, what does this mean for the future of recorded music?

There will never be a star as big as Micheal Jackson. He was "THE KING!!" SALUTE!!

Do you have any parting words?



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