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Big Moe is a founding member of the Screwed Up Click and was discovered by the late, great DJ Screw. Big Moe slipped a demo to DJ Screw and then was invited to free-style on a DJ Screw track called "Sippin' On Codeine" which debuted on DJ Screw's album 3 In Tha Mornin'. Soon Moe's laid back style of singing and rappin got him featured on all of Screw's mixtapes that flooded Texas and the southwest.
Big Moe signed to Wreckshop in 1999 and released his debut album City of Syrup which blew away all of Houston and has sold over 200,000 copies to date and got huge airplay for the hit single "Barre Baby."

Purple World will be Big Moe's second album for Wreckshop and the first for Priority Records. Get ready for that bomb zzz single "Purple Stuff" that is already on Urban and mixshow radio. Wreckshop's in house production team Platinum Soul feat. Noke D and Salih produced the beats on Purple World. Check out the beats for the lazy, smooth r&b feel of a true gangsta's anthem in "Confidential Playa." Dime Piece and Mashin's for Mine are really off da chain as well so peep the tracks in the audio section.
Listen to Interview with BIG MOE:
PART 1 Tell us about the new album
PART 2 Who produced on the album?(Guest appearances)
How did you hook up with the DJ SCREW CAMP?
PART 4 Didn't you use to be in an R&B group?
PART 5 Who do you listen to (Rap music)?
PART 6 What advice you got for rappers trying to get in tha game?
What do you wanna say to your fans out there?

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