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Track Listing
1. Music Business
2. Intro
3. Concrete Jungle (feat. Nate Dogg & Jazze Pha)
5. The ?hit (feat. Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube & MC Ren)
6. What Would You Do?
7. Psychic Pimp Hotline
8. Gorilla Pimpin’ (feat. Dr. Dre)
9. Judgement Day (feat. Dr. Dre)
10. Soliliquy
11. Ghetto Blues
12. All in the Family
13. Critical Condition
14. Touch of Blues
15. Mentally Disturbed
16. Safari West
17. D.F.W.
18. Simple As That
19. Playboy

20. Snoop Props
Over three years in the making, "Deuce", the highly anticipated and critically acclaimed new album from writer, producer, and certified rap legend The D.O.C. is in stores now!

Written and produced by The D.O.C. with the help of Jah Born, Jazze Pha, Erotic D, and Organized Noise, Deuce sonically reflects the groove-heavy musicality of the classic West Coast sound – layered with familiar samples and complex live instrumentation. Unexpected, however, is its lyrical rawness. Along with his crew of ‘Gorillas,’ The D.O.C. attacks the sometimes-controversial subjects of violence and objectification in urban life with a razor-sharp edge. On eerie tracks like 'What Would U Do', 'Judgement Day' and 'Mentally Disturbed', characters like 6Two’s murderous 'Mr. Two-Face' are portrayed with an almost cinematic horror.

The first single, 'Tha Shit', finds The D.O.C., his voice emotive and fierce in its icy rasp, holding his own with old N.W.A. friends Snoop Dogg, MC Ren, and Ice Cube. On 'Gorilla Pimpin', 6Two’s remarkable flow, reminiscent of a young Snoop Dogg with the southern drawl of Andre 3000, is complimented by a growling Dr. Dre on the hook. Elsewhere, the irresistibly bouncy 'Concrete Jungle', finds DPG homie Nate Dogg mixing it up with the DFW’s Silverback Gorillas. The mix is potent. On introspective tracks like the album’s 'Intro', 'Soliloquy', and 'Ghetto Blues', The D.O.C. sends out musical prayers to his mother, father, and others who have touched him along the way.

With "Deuce", his remarkably creative and progressive new album, The D.O.C. sets out to create a new history, one whose setting is miles away from the city of Compton that made him famous. He’s come to put his hometown on the map: Dallas, Texas.

The D.O.C. has reinvented himself as writer, producer and artist, and has created an independent label and production company, Silverback Records. “People are always asking me about what it was like to work with Dre and Snoop, but I ask them, ‘What about the next Dre and Snoop?’ We need to find the next generation in hip-hop and that’s what I want to do here in Dallas,” he says.

In November of 1989, The D.O.C. was involved in a car accident that crushed his larynx. After over twenty hours of reconstructive surgery, The D.O.C. was still unsure he’d ever rap again.

Still, The D.O.C. collaborated with Dre on classic albums like "The Chronic" and Snoop Doggy Dogg’s debut, "Doggystyle". Years later, Dre called on The D.O.C.’s pen once again, this time to work on 1999’s classic "Chronic 2001". The D.O.C. brought along his new protégé, a talented young Fort Worth rapper by the name of 6Two, who would go on to appear on several songs on Chronic 2001, including 'Xxxplosive.' Seeing shades of himself in the young rapper, D.O.C. hopes to school 6Two in the game. “I probably lost millions of dollars years ago,” he says. “But I’ve learned and I’m sharing what I know with the artist I’m producing.”

With "Deuce", The D.O.C. does not set out to reclaim a crown that was taken away, perhaps, too soon. With "Deuce", The D.O.C. merely sets out to prove that, indeed, still No One Can Do It Better.

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