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Monthly Column- Vinyl Vs. C.D.'s
Written by
- Egyptian Lover

This is The Egyptian Lovers take on Vinyl Vs. C.D.'s

"Personally I like the Vinyl because I am an Old School D.J. and that is what I started out using. There is nothing better than Two Turntables and a mixer. Mixing and Scratching with all those Classic Record labels. Just seeing an old record gives me thrills. I remember when I went into the record shop and saw a new Tommy Boy Record and bought it and by chance it was really good. I mixed it with Planet Rock. Boy did I pick a cool one. It was Planet Patrols "Play at your own Risk". If it was not for the visual of seeing that lable, I never would have bought it. Seeing the record is all the fun. Touching and pulling it out your crate and putting it on the turntable and seeing all the record loving junkie D.J.'s trying to look and see what ya playing next was pure joy."

"Today the times have changed and there are so many D.J.'s playing on C.D.'s.
To me it is such a boring show. No records, No Labels, No Crates, No Show. I did a Gig last month with another D.J. and he played on C.D.'s and I played records. When he played, the sound was very clean and it sounded very very digital. Kinda like a loud I-POD. People danced and seemed to have a good time. He played all the hits and some great mixing as well. The mixes were perfect. He even had some pre-mixed songs already recorded on C.D. from this computer program that he could edit songs and burn them on C.D. Yea that was cool! As the people danced and danced.

Then it was my turn to D.J.
I dug in my record crate and pulled out Planet Rock. As soon as people saw I had a record in my hand they started to crowd around the turntables. "WOW! That's Planet Rock" someone said. "I got that record." "Look at him mix it!" More and more people crowded the turntables and the floor got more packed than ever before. The reason being the sound was BIG and full of BASS. You could hear the static on some parts of the record and also see me flip it over and over as I mixed that record to death. Then I started to play it backwards and even the C.D. D.J. stopped what he was doing and started looking at what I was doing. He was amazed that a record could do so much. Then I pulled Electric Kingdom and mixed it in and started mixing it all over again. The floor stayed packed my whole set. It was the sound that hypnotized the crowd. Plus seeing the records fly on and off the turntables was a joy in itself. I have so many hard to find classic records that people lost their minds as I played classic jam after classic jam.

After my set, so many D.J.'s gave me props on the show and many said that the records was cool to see.

Then the next D.J. started to play on serato? Records with a digital feed. Sounded like another huge I-Pod. The crowd walked away from the D.J. Booth and went back to their worlds. Did not even want to watch him get down. As he did more searching on his computer for songs than he did mixing.

So all this to say...
If you just want people to dance, use what ever you want to use. But know this, If you are a good D.J. who can rock two turntables then rock two turntables. People will appreciate the show and enjoy the sound a lot more.

See ya next month with more on Serato and Traveling with Records in todays world.

Thank you
The Egyptian Lover signing off.



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