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This is the spot where you'll get to hear from the man himself--The legendary Egyptian Lover. He'll be dropping science
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Monthly Column-
This month: Old School

Written by
- Egyptian Lover

Hello Baby! It's The Egyptian Lover
This month it's about the records and old school,

Hello Baby,
Egyptian Lover here and I'd like to start off by saying records are the way to go. I was playing at a club in Europe and brought my records with me. When I got on the turntables, it was like playing in Uncle Jam's Army all over again. The D.J. that went on before me used Serato and even though he played some nice records, (Old School mixed with new stuff), it all sounded kind of digital. I simply hate that digital sound. The D.J. was from New York and told me how easy it was to fly over to Europe with just one bag. Hmmm I thought! I had to bring that big heavy record bag on the plane with me and haul it around everywhere I went. Serato would surely be a better way for me to travel. But because of that digital sound...I'm using records. For my fans who payed money to see me mix records and perform with my records and watch me dig in the crates and pull that old school label out and work the floor to death with it. Flipping them records over and over and finding that breakdown and all the parts I like to mix (with no marked cue points) putting two or three records on the side of the tables, going threw them with style and a lot of skill. That is what is all about. Showing your skill and record collection to the world.

If you didn't go out and buy the records, search for the records in all the record stores all over,or buy the records, then you are part of the thieves that are putting record stores out of business. You are a murderer to the music business. Why are you so lame as to steal all the music and think you are a real D.J. just because you have all the records? NO YOU ARE NOT DOWN! You have to pay your dues. First of all stop stealing music from all the artist (new and old) and start paying for your music the right way just as us old school D.J.'s did back in the day.

We were considered real D.J.'s because we bought all our own records and played what we thought would rock the house. Before we went to a gig we looked at our records and took out what we was not going to play that night and put in what we were going to play. It's that simple. These serato and C.D. D.J.'s bring that lap top and 99 million songs (Ha Ha Ha) While they are searching on line for a record I pulled out a piece of vinyl and went to work on it. Oh and don't let their laptop shut down :) I've seen that happen several times. Just last week a D.J. was mixing on serato and had the party rockin' and then right on the best part of the record...................nothing. His laptop crashed. I never had a record crash. So I'll take my heavy bag of vinyl all around the world.

First to let the artist like myself know I payed for the music and keep record shops alive. Second to show the party crowd that I enjoy good sounding music and will go thru the pain of airports and heavy crates to bring it to them. Third to keep that old school party scene alive as long as I can. Those good old days had a special feeling about them, that you can only get with vinyl. So to all the D.J.'s out there, Keep the party hyped. Keep the artist paid. Don't steal the music. Don't front like you the best D.J. just because you got every record in the world on ya laptop.

Yea I can't deny that the future of technology is coming, and that one day we will all be mixing with our I Pods but I don't make records for I Pods I make records for Partys. When I record my songs, I bring club speakers into the studio to see what the song sounds like in the clubs. That is why you hear the big differance in my songs. I make party music. Not I Pod music. At least not yet! :)

Love to all my D.J.'s- Keep Vinyl alive!

I'll see you next month when I talk about Lady D.J.'s

The Egyptian Lover signing off.



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