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Week of 4-30
Don Imus, Virginia Tech, and more.
Part 1   Part 2

Week of 4-23
Russell Simmons trying to ban explicit lyrics, and more. Part 1   Part 2

*Week of 4-16
Digital sales, Ringtones Vs Record sales and more.. Part 1   Part 2

*Week of 4-9
Responsibilties of today's platinum artists paying homage to the old school. Liste

Week of 8-29-2011
Hurricane Irene, VMA'S, Does Justin Beiber and kreayshawn want to be black? Should white people be allowed to use the word Nigga? Lil Wayne's new album, Young Money vs Jay-Z,
& more..

Week of 8-8-2011

"Watch The Throne" reviews, Whats next for hip hop? Hip hop's freshman class on deck: Anticipating albums, Is there a change coming to hip hop? Can lyricism come back? Drake leaving Young Money? & more..

*Week of 5-18-2011
Bill O'Reily VS The Rapper, Sarah Palin, Jon Stewart Debate, are we asking too much for the younger generation of hip hop, Uncle Luke .. and more!

*Week of 4-26-2011
The rumors of Illuminati and rappers, Is the grimey 50 cent back? What happened to G-Unit? Nas, Ludacris, Redman, Nelly, Bow Wow: will these artists ever get the status they had at their peak? .. and more!

*Week of 4-20-2011

Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa rumble over Amber Rose at Coachella.. Lil B's Gay album, Mister Cee caught with another man in vehicle, Is hip hop ready for Gay rappers? .. and more!

*Week of 3-29 2011
Nate Dogg, The mixtape saturation Vs The album, Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen, plus clowning Lil B, Angela Simmons, and what's what in the news.

*Week of 7-23 2010

Rick Ross, is he authentic? whats the
deal with his gimmick? Plus:Who owns
Hip Hop? and what's what in the news.

*Week of 3-11- 2010
Grammy recap:
Did politics come into play?, Biggie homage, Guru situation, The 80's.., Lil Wayne sentence-- what's the catch?, Waka Flaka, whats what in the news and more..

*Week of 2-18- 2010

JAY Z and Beyonce Is it just an arrangement marriage?, The Grammys recap, Tiger Woods,, The Death of the Mixtape, Gary Coleman Time with D'nell and Flex, Rick Ross smashin on 50 right now? Nicki Minaj Vs Lil Kim, John Mayor, Sade,and more...

*Week of 1-18- 2010

The Jacksons reality show, Obama's 1st year, MLK DAY, Mtv, Jay Electronica, Is Hip Hop heading back to lyrics and raw content? and more..

*Week of 12-02- 09

Tiger Woods aka "el Tigre", Part 2 on Beans and Jay-Z..
50's involvement, Pleasure P and more..

*Week of 11-11- 09

Beans vs Hov, 50's involvement, Twitter, Myspace, & Facebook frauds...Why you frontin'? plus.. what's what in the news..

*Week of 10-31- 09

Lil Wayne's Jail time, Wayne VS Jay-Z debate.. Drake, is he a front? Kid Cudi, Mase, Gucci Mane

*Week of 9-17- 09
Vma's, Kanye, Jill Scott, Whitney Houston, Wendy Williams, Joe Jackson, Kid Cudi, Bill Clinton, and more

*Week of 9-10- 09
Obama, Jay, Z, Drake, Joe jackson's hair and more..

*Week of 9-03- 09
Jay Z's new album average at best?, Nas, West Coast, Lil Wayne, Lil Boosie gay? and more!!!

*Week of 8-21- 09
Young Money Ent, Drake, Omarion, Mista fab, Kat Deluna a man?, and more!

*Week of 7-23- 08
Rick Ross gets exposed, Is T.I. a Snitch? and more!!!!!

*Week of 1-8/08
The future of digital music, Also an EA Sports representative drops in and gives some insight-- plus what's what in the news.

*Week of 1-1/08
2007 Rap Up show..Flex and Dnell rap up 07 with their insight on best and worst..

*Week of 12-11
The whole "Don Diva/American Gangster Endorsement", Oprah's sex life/Stedman the "Well to do Colored", plus news.

*Week of 12-5
The loss of Pimp C, Political hip hop, / what's what in the news..

*Week of 11-27
Redskins' Sean Taylor conspiracy? The "Xbox 360 deals" with record labels, is Kids Bop the future for hip hop? what's what in the news..

*Week of 11-20
B.I.G. trial and Suge Knight..(Alleged motives, etc..), 4th quarter sales, The new Freeway album opinions, Which rappers are spitting true talk and who's just storytelling- Believable or not? ) Plus what's what in the news..

*Week of 11-13
Kanyes' loss/cosmetic surgery, How old is too old to rap? All hustle aside, Is Soulja Boy a court Jester? Plus, T.I. set up?

*Week of 10-2
Jay-Z and LL to battle?, Also is Technology today too much of a privacy issue?, and Superhead and Lil Wayne, and Eddie Winslow?..

*Week of 9-18
Jim Jones/Juelz Santana and 50 Cent teaming up? Dipset drama VS 50, etc.. Plus Dnell fantasizes about his girl Jill Scott..

*Week of 9-2
Rappers who are allegedly Gay..Who is? Who isn't? plus what's what in the news.

*Week of 8-28
Suicide awareness, Majors Vs Indies?, Is R Kelly the Marvin Gaye of our time? and Chub Roc's House O' Ribs.

*Week of 8-21
Michael Vick/Plus in the news.

*Week of 8-14
50 Cent vs Kanye West in sales? Where does Lil Wayne play into it all? Gang Violence and Hip Hop...plus what's what in the news..

*Week of 8-7
So you want to be in the music business ( Part 4) --plus what's what in the news..


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