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LOS ANGELES, CA This isn’t your ordinary mix tape! explains a reverent J Ro, President of Wolpac Records and one third of the veteran west coast rap trio Tha Liks. This mix tape is going surprise a lot of people.

The album features production by one the fastest up and coming producers in the game Jwells. The albums features an all-star cast including Kurupt, Roscoe and his new group YA, Tha Liks, Gail Gotti, Virginya Slim, Prodigal Sunn, James Debarge and Wolfpac’s newest discovery Mr. Merciless Stylz. "This album offers everything from gangsta rap to the club joints to the classic b-boy joints", explains Jwells. "A lot the artist wanted me to come up with tracks for them to rhyme over, so a lot of the tracks are originals and that gives a different feel."

About J Wells:
J Wells was born and raised in Chicago but has been marinating in the California’s sun long enough to pick up all it’s flavor. That’s just what this up and coming producer does on all his hit’s. He has been heatin’ up the tracks since the age of thirteen. Back then known as J Rock when he began his career as a local rapper. But he was quickly differentiated from the rest because
he had music in his ears. Not just the rhythm but also the beat broken down to just a drum line. He knew what he wanted to hear his voice over. Born with natural business ethics that come from
a Chicago hustle; J Wells hit the streets and formed a group along with a production company. Both went by the name of Rocswell. The group formed their first album and opened their trunk for sales 5000 sold. Every penny J earned he put back into his studio. His equipment grew and the sound got more intense. Before they realized it they had created a second album and their trunk opened-8000 sold.
As time went along he took his beats to other groups and began to develop a sound for a group named Virus. Within a year they where signed to Warner Brothers. Due to Warner Brothers political problems back then all hip-hop acts where dropped. But he didn’t stop; next J Wells was given a publishing deal through Sony. Doors where constantly opening for him.
J Well’s seemed to step right on his path in life all he had to do was follow the music. As a high school student in Northridge J hung around in the valley, which is the home to Wolf Pac Records and studio. Wolf Pac is best known for the Roger Trottman project. This is where he met J-Ro from Tha Liks. He know he had something to play him, which he did everyday for the next year. J-Ro so impressed with his work ethics that he invited him to go on Snoop’s famous 'The Up In Smoke' tour. After being exposed on tour many more were intrigued with J Wells beats. And many went strait to the studio with him.
J Well’s is now part of the Wolf Pac family and has kept it rollin' ever since. He went on to work on the Roger Troutman Project and has brought into production J Well’s Wolf Pac Mix tape Volume One. This features an all-star cast of Kurupt, Young Assassins, Roscoe, Shyhiem and Sun of Man of the Wu-Tang,
J-Ro and Tash of Tha Liks, Doggies Angeles, Styles and legend James Debarge just to name some. You will be able to find this mix tape at many stores or out of the local trunk of J wells cause you can’t stop his hustle. He was just born to make that sound- and his beats play on.

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Runner Ups:


1. Intro Jwells
2. Gangsta Boogie -YA, Kurupt and Mr. Merciless Stylz
3. I Didn’t Change -Kurupt
4. Where I’m From -Virus
5. Interlude Tash -(Tha Liks)
6. Get Involved -Tash, J-Ro, James Debarge,Mr. Merciless Stylz
7. Devil In Disguise- Virus, Salim Grant
8. If U Ain’t F*ckin pt.1 -YA
9. If U Ain’t F*ckin pt.2 -Gail Gotti, Virginya Slim, Tri-Star & YG
11. Chuuuuuuuuurch -Mr. Merciless Stylz
12. Interlude -Prodigal Sunn
13. Sunzini -Prodigal Sunn
14. Who Dat Be -K Boogs, JWells
15. Much Love -(Tha Liks) JWells
16. Wacha Lookin At- J-RO (Tha Liks)
17. J Diesel -James Debarge
18. Left Wit It- JWells, Mr. Merciless Stylz, K Boogs
19. J-Ro & Gotti -J-Ro (Tha Liks) & Kurupt

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