Written by: Jeremy Giles

Disclaimer: This article is strictly based on MY opinion. I realize that this may not be the feelings of you, the reader. You are entitled to your opinion on this subject matter.

When I first heard someone say that Lil Wayne was the best rapper alive: it wasn't from a friend, wasn't from another musician, wasn't from a music journalist, it wasn't even from a blogger. It was from him. Now I know that a lotta rappers fuck around and call themselves the king of NY, the king of the South, or the king of the west coast. But when you appoint yourself to the prodigious throne of best rapper alive, there are both certain expectations and qualifications necessary to stay there. So I provide you with a systematic and straightforward explanation on why Lil Wayne is not the best rapper alive...

1) He excessively uses simplistic metaphors and similes - that irreparably debilitate his audience's mental capacity to understand anything more complex (e.g. Lupe) - and prove his lyrics are merely punchlines that drunk white girls can recite at parties. How I would love to hear one of them say that they're "tougher than Nigerian hair" (A Milli), and then try to explain that "it's okay, its from a new Lil Wayne song."

2) It seems he either never heard of or never clearly understood the saying, "Its the quality, not the quantity that counts." In the 3 years since he's put together a solid album (Tha Carter II), he's amassed an incredible amount of mixtape material and guest spots. The quantity is undoubted, what remains to be contended is the quality. And as for the future: I'm not yet convinced that Tha Carter III will be better, or even as good as his previous album (considering Lollipop is the only good single so far - and thats gonna be played out real soon if people these DJs keep up the status quo).

3) Just a small consideration. Every candidate for greatest rapper or emcee has an incredibly impressionable debut album: Notorious B.I.G. - Ready to Die, Tupac - 2Pacalyse Now, Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt, KRS-One - Return of the Boom Bap, & Nas - Illmatic. Lil Wayne's debut album - Tha Block Is Hot. Now I don't really need to explain how or why this album absolutely sucked, all you have to do is press play on that album and you'll understand my argument here. But now you'll say "well not every bodies first album is successful." True... but the fact is that it took Wayne more than five years and two albums to finally come out with a decent one; that being Tha Carter (and thats not even remotely close to being considered a classic).

4) He has not significantly changed hip-hop enough. If anything he serves as beacon of regression in the genre, primarily through his dumbed down lyrics. Now there is nothing wrong with simplistic, no concept building lyrics, overflowing with meaningless similes that a 5 year old could understand...just don't call yourself the greatest rapper alive when thats what your lyrics constitute. Undoubtedly he makes good songs, I don't refute that; but what I can guarantee is that no one will ever be analyzing his music or his lyrics, there is little importance to them. Well actually I take that back, if it wasn't for the explicitness of his lyrics, they might be used to teach 3rd graders about parts of speech.

5) The nail in the coffin. Jay-Z, Nas, Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Black Thought, Andre 3000, KRS-One, Rakim, Eminem, and numerous other rappers are still alive. Shit, Lauryn Hill ain't even dead. And considering both Lil Wayne's healthy addiction to syrup and his projected life span, that mothafucker doesn't stand half a chance.

Now I am not trying to knock Lil Wayne, this is simply an argument against his contention that he is the best rapper alive.

Peace and much Love. I'm out.

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