Artist- Mighty Infamous

This kid is reppin BX all day. Check his story out.

Alot of people buzzing about your sound. Tell us about how you got in to rap, what made you pursue music? I've always loved rap since my early childhood. When I use to spend time with cousins at my grandmothers crib we use to really bump the classic records and I remember If I ruled the world by Nas. That record really intrigued me at a early age. as I got older I've listened to almost every cd deemed a classic with Illmatic by Nas being my favorite.

Who do you want to work with in the business? What artists are you interested in getting down with? In this business I basically want to work with rappers who just aren't built off a gimmick. I definetly want to work with Nas, him and Jay Z have been my idols for the longest time. But I also want to work with Jedi Mind Tricks,Boot Camp Click,Termanology,Joell Ortiz,Fat Joe and basically a lot of east coast artists.

Are other artists supportive of what you're doing with yourself?
I think the response has been somewhat mixed. some artists feel like I'm getting at them but I mean if you don't make bullshit music you shouldn't be concerned. I'm not even hating on cats, I just want a lot of people to step they game up. The underground cats, the real hip hop dudes,love the track though. Its hip hop.

Tell us about the label you're on?
I'm on Hoodborn Records we based out the Bronx headed by manager and label CEO Young Fame. We structure ourselves very professionally and we got a group of talented lyricists who make up the team. We keep the group real exclusive and you really able to spit to be on the team. I want to give a shoutout to the HB A&R staff Shay and Lady Wonda. artists hit me up if you interested in being down. come proper.

What's the game plan for you?

I'm going to stay true to the form. I don't know why these cats try to conform to the game while being unsigned. If I'm unsigned imma do what the hell I want to do that's the whole freedom of being independent. All these cats put out these corny party tracks like they have to make them. What people fail to understand is, if you come different people will listen.

You're buzzing pretty good on the bronx underground scene right now...What's the next step for ya? I'm going to bring the Bronx back to the forefront. People forget that this is where its started and ever since Pun died we really lack a prominent artist besides Fat joe and Ts who really rep the borough. I wonder how the borough that started rap has ONE representative in the game. That shit is crazy. I want to have longevity in the game and I'm going to keep releasing cds for people that love hip hop at its truest form.

Have you linked up with any big rappers yet? I mean, are you networking 24/7?
Its Hard to hook up with any rappers these days. nobody wants to hear from a young artist, its all about money. I can't collab with somebody and really feel like the track is legit if I'm paying em 1500 for a verse. Are anothers rappers words so divine that I gotta pay em a G for it. If I'm paying for a name then fuck it ill keep my money and make a name for myself. That's the game right now though.

You like the way rap is right now? In your song turn the radio off, you state the radio aint cracking right now..describe it.. The radio is wack...its about how much you pay the DJ it aint talent based. DJs don't believe in artists anymore. I've noticed NY has probably the worst radio situation, I was in DC and was peeping the station and noticed that they played local artists. In New York you only hear from real NY cats when everybody is sleeping. Like at 4 AM. and even to get on THAT show you gotta open the bank. Shits just all fucked up.

What do you think needs to happen for hip hop to get that ol' groove back..talent wise?
Labels need to stop signing artists for One song. Like that cat Young Leek like everybody saw that kid was horrible, can't spit for shit. yet he got a deal and Def Jam and is sitting on the shelf. that's not signing young talent that's signing young trash. People gotta open they ears to something other than what makes them 2 step or shake they ass. I'm not saying it gotta be all serious, I'm saying why can't we have a balance. they finally letting common gain the light of day on commercial radio and they only doing it cause they believe its the "cool" thing to do. for most these dj's this will be the first Common Cd they ever heard and that's if they decide to listen.

Anything else you wanna put out there, last words?
I just want to give real big ups to whole BX Borough from the North Side to The south side and everything in between. Just stay tuned for my music and For you hip hop cats my music will always cater to yall. There won't be a time when I won't be lyrical on a track whethers its on a love tip or club tip. I just want to give a final shoutout to whole HB crew, Tuse, Truth, Phantom, D Greedy! and stay tuned. Peace.

CHECK OUT HIS JOINT- "Turn the Radio Off" HERE


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