Miguel “Myers” Charriez

Hip Hop Artist Miguel “Myers” Charriez was Born in the Longfellow section of the Bronx on March 23rd 1984 and is no stranger to tragedy, Living with his single mother who gave birth to Myers at a very young age 16, and then who when Myers was only 9 years old got convicted of drug charges. Myers was then shipped to the Cleveland section of Ohio where he would live with family until he mother was free and his return to the Bronx was made. The Bronx was the genesis of hip hop so it did not take long for the young Puerto Rican rapper to latch on to the culture.

“My first CD, was All eyes on me”, Myers recalls-- which was Hip Hop Legend Tupac Shakur's masterpiece, which inspired the young man to persue his own voice. As the rhymes began the flow came with it and the street influenced lyrics of pain, power, anger, joy, and stress collided with each page to paint a picture of the hard life that these days are traded in for this glamour life which does not exist.

Creating his own camp US along with fellow Rapper Michael “PM” Diaz Myers began his campaign in the underground to bring true and good music to Hip Hop.

More Tragedy would strike when His Partner and Brother PM, would take his life on November 9th 2007, in his apartment. The event Devastated Myers, but pushed him to peruse the dream he and PM had.

During his passing’s, Myers linked up with Rap Artist Sozae a member of the Trustees camp where Myers was introduced to Michael Blake Producer/Artist,
as Myers is Now the 4th member of the team, which consist of Michael Blake/Sozae/J.

Conway and Myers himself, a new era of hip hop is going to be displayed. From His Single “Grind” which he produces his own beat to “Get Back” Feat Michael Blake Myers brings a raw aggressive flow that keeps you wanting more.

Check For Myers
On ITunes where his First Group Album Titled Trustees “When” Is now available

Also check for videos and artist information @ www.myspace.com/trusteesblakemedia


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