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nikki benz

Height: 5' 5
Weight: 110 lbs
Measurements: 36D-24-36
Eyes: hazel
Hair: Blond

Nikki Benz is a woman of many talents. She is an adult entertainment superstar, a mainstream crossover hit and a successful businesswoman.

Arguably the most famous Canadian adult film star ever, Nikki Benz has parlayed her good looks, stunning curves, natural talent, work ethic and keen business sense into a highly successful career. She has starred in over 100 adult films, graced the pages of virtually every men’s magazine on the planet, becoming a Penthouse Cover Girl and Hustler Honey. Nikki has achieved crossover success with mainstream projects, including a recurring character on FOXSports(dot)com’s hit web series “Cubed.” She tours the world entertaining her legions of fans with dance engagements and celebrity appearances. recently caught up with the blond bombshell who's captivated fans this 2011..


Hi, Nikki. how are you? How did you get started in the Industry?

Hello! I’m great. Sitting at home in front of my Mac desktop, in my pink panties with a gray wife beater on, doing this interview. LOL Hope you are doing good!

I got started in the adult industry right before my 21st Birthday. I emailed my bikini modeling picture to an adult film director in Florida. A week or so later he had me flown out to Fort Lauderdale to film a girl/girl scene for Pleasure Productions. Right off the bat I signed a contract with them. I’ve been in ever since, both under contract with several production companies and as a free lance performer.

For those people who are not aware of you, how long have you been in the industry, and what have been your best moments so far?

I’ve been in the adult industry just over 8 years. I have had many amazing moments through out my career. One defining moment that catapulted my career to a new high was becoming the 2011 Penthouse Pet of The Year.

How has being named 2011 Penthouse Pet of The Year impacted you?

It’s huge! Put it this way, there is only one of me in the entire world right now with that title.’s been incredible! Being named 2011 Penthouse Pet of The Year has brought so much positive experience to my life and career. Traveling the world, shooting hot hardcore scenes for Penthouse, shooting beautiful magazine layouts and making appearances on behalf of Penthouse has been one amazing journey that I will never forget. Not only has my fan base widened, but it has also brought a lot of mainstream exposure, which is a really positive thing to an adult actor.

Your funniest moment in making an adult film?

The funniest moment in making an adult film was when I had a “pizza delivery guy" scenario. That day I had on these brand new stripper shoes. I wasn’t used to them just yet, so when the director called for me to open the door and greet the pizza delivery guy I fell backwards, flat on my back as I tried opening the door. The entire set broke out in laughter. Needless to say, I was embarrassed but at the same time I couldn’t help but laugh at my self along with the whole crew. You gotta be able to laugh at yourself. Once you learn that, you are all good to go on a porn set! LOL

Favorite mainstream actress?

Angelina Jolie. Not only is she hot, but she’s a real bad ass!

Favorite mainstream actor?

Johnny Depp. He’s amazing in every role he’s in and he’s incredibly sexy!

What do you do in your downtime?

I don’t really have a lot of downtime. My downtime is trying to catch up on sleep while flying out to my next appearance. I’ve been on the road back to back for the past while...and it will be like that for the next while. I’m a workaholic. I love to work. Downtime is something I used to have. LOL

So when it comes to music, you say your 1st love is hip hop? Who do you like?

I love Hip Hop! To be honest, probably 75% or 80 % of my iPod selection is hip hop. I’d have it at 100%, but I have to have other genres of music for feature dancing. I listen to Lil Wayne, Eminem, T.I., Ludacris, Jay-Z, Tupac, Kanye, Too $hort, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Dr. Dre, Notorious BIG.. I could go on and on.

How long have you been a hip hop head? Who did you grow up listening to?

I’ve loved hip hop since I can remember. It’s just part of my life. I turn to hip hop when I’m feeling down, I turn to hip hop when I’m feeling happy. When I was growing up I wasn’t big on 80’s rap, I did grow up listening to a lot of B.I.G., Public Enemy, N.W.A, etc. Some R&B as well, like Black Street and 112.

If you could pick a few rappers to do a scene with who would they be?

Lil Wayne and Eminem. I love them both! We can do a reverse Oreo cookie! LOL

Whats your favorite position?

I’d have to say doggy. It just hits that spot and I’m like “Daaaamn!". Although, I love all of them! Sex is amazing in any position!

Do you have any fetishes?

I love latex. I have a few custom made latex outfits. Putting one of them on just turns me’s almost like I have a power trip over it. I also love being dominated by a guy, and I enjoy dominating him.

Let's say when you're in a relationship, how is the transition from being on the set at work.. and then at home? How do you separate the intimacy? or do you keep your work and your personal relationships both intimate?

I put on amazing scenes, and I appreciate my fans telling me this. I love doing adult movies and I think it shows. However, at home it’s a whole different ball game. I take it to another lever of passion and intimacy. It’s like a switch in my head. I can turn my “on screen…; persona off when I am at home. Let’s just say I am not “Nikki Benz… 24/7. I am a lady on the street and a freak in bed when it comes to my personal life.

On set, I let my “on screen" persona take over. Think of it as my alter ego going wild. I am definitely more hardcore at work. I talk way dirtier if need be and I perform with more aggression.

Are you working on anything mainstream right now?

I work for on a show called ‘Cubed’. You can watch it Thursdays at 1pm (ET) on their site and and Fridays at 11:30pm (ET) on FUEL TV. I’ve been part of the show since 2009 and I have just signed on for another season. It’s an Emmy nominated web series, which after a really successful run on got picked up by FUEL TV. It’s been a really amazing mainstream experience for me being on Cubed. I even got to go to Dallas Cowboys Stadium with Fox Sports this past Super Bowl.

I also appeared in a music video for The Dirty Pears, who are about to blow up. Last but not least, I was a part of ‘My Trip Back To The Dark Side’ film, which just wrapped up it’s production.

If you could be 1 person for a day ( anyone) who would it be?

This is a tough question because I feel like it would vary from day to day. So today I’ll say I would want to be.....a successful music producer. I want to experience that world for a day. Would be interesting since I’m such a huge music fan.

What's next for you?

Next, I go back on the road for feature dancing and appearances on behalf of Penthouse. My amazing fans can check out my schedule on I am also shooting exclusively for Penthouse. Fans can check out my 3D and 2D scenes on

I will be making several appearances as the 2011 Penthouse Pet of The Year in the upcoming months, including in Costa Rica and Europe. I’m really excited about it all!

I can be followed on Twitter at I post sexy pics on my twitter, so don’t miss out! xoxoxo

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