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"Well, I think the problem with the West Coast is there’s nobody but Game and Snoop who’s on the radar, nobody wants to help anybody out, nobody wants to team up..”


Nu Jerzey Devil was born Anthony Torres in the South Bronx borough of New York City on January 10th. The Black Wall Street head producer and his family lived on a street called Cedar Avenue, later in his life he would move to Compton, California on Cedar Block where his arrangement with Black Wall Street began.

At the early age of four his mother and six siblings moved to their new hometown of New Jersey. The youngest of the children, Torres emulated his older brothers every move and soon caught on to their influences in hip hop.

At the age of seven Nu Jerzey Devil began rapping and by 18 he traded a friend a .45 caliber gun for DJ equipment. Jerzey soon bought himself a Dr. Rhythum beat machine and a Yamaha DJX keyboard and started his own production.

Within two years Jerzey was contacted by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins of Darkchild Productions. Rodney was quickly impressed and took Jerzey with him to Miami for a few meetings. Upon arriving back he immediately joined the Darkchild team and scored and laced the soundtrack for the 2003 Jessica Alba film Honey (Universal Pictures). From there the pair moved to Los Angeles and worked on My Baby's Daddy (Miramax Films) starring Anthony Anderson, Eddie Griffith and Method Man.

After linking up with Phat Rat, another member of the Darkchild team, Nu Jerzey Devil was introduced to the Dr. Dre protégé, The Game. After hitting the studio they recorded "The Black Wall Street Anthem" – most notable on The Black Wall Street's intro on their official webpage. The chemistry bubbled as the two continued recording – while in the meantime The Game was in the works with creating The Black Wall Street label. With no hesitation, Nu Jerzey Devil was the first to sign to the newly founded label.

Nu Jerzey Devil continues to produce and record with The Game along with the rest of Black Wall Street. In the meantime he continues to hit the mixtape circuit and plans to drop a solo album summer of 2008.

Early 2008 will feature The Black Wall Street Compilation album that is sure to bring west coast hip hop back to the forefront of rap. With production for the heavily anticipated album from The Game and an eager freshman release from the prince of the west coast, Juice, Nu Jerzey Devil seems to have his hands full.


On his relationship with Game:
"Well, if you’re into Game, he sounds like he’s from the East Coast. When I met him, at the end of the whole East Coast West Coast beef – I took to him real fast. We pretty much clicked on a street level before the music thing. I was going to Compton on a day-to-day basis, and I’d hang out with everybody out there. I was actually livin’ in Beverly Hills with Rodney Jerkins. I’m a street dude, so I felt more comfortable over there, we was out there hangin’ out, and we just started doin’ music."

On the West:
"Well, I think the problem with the West Coast is there’s nobody but Game and Snoop who’s on the radar, nobody wants to help anybody out, nobody wants to team up. There’s not a lot of unity out there, and that’s because no one gets the proper shine. The little light they do get, they’re gonna keep it to themselves. If they just come together, and start doin’ tracks together, it’ll be a lot more prosperous. ‘Cause otherwise, man, right now it’s like crabs in a bucket; everybody’s tryin’ to pull everybody down. There’s no excuse for your music not to get heard. You just gotta be a man and get on your feet and do your footwork."

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