Not only is he Em's right hand man, but Proof won The Source's 1999 Unsigned Hype award and made considerable noise on Shady Records' multi-Platinum group D12's debut, Devil's Night. He is the man Mekhi Phifer portrays in "8 Mile," plus he appears in the film as Lil' Tic, the freestyler that makes Em choke in the opening battle scene. With so much hype in his corner, Proof released a six-song EP, Electric Coolaid–Acid Testing which dropped on December 17 and a full-length, 'Searching 4 Jerry Garcia' is set for February 18, 2003, featuring Eminem, D12 and Obie Trice.
Proof explains: "The EP came about because I was putting out the 'Searching 4 Jerry Garcia' album and of course, the Grateful Dead had previous to their shows the protesters to legalize acid so they had electric coolaid acid testers. So therefore by the album being Searching 4 Jerry Garcia I thought that'd be dope to have the Electric Cool-Aid Acid Testing EP to hit off the DJs and radio stations and mix rotations across the nation. So I put six songs on there. The lead single is featuring MC Breed from 'Ain't No Future In Yo' Frontin'' and 'Gotta Get Mine.'"

We got a chance to talk with Proof, one of the members from D-12.
He talks about his new solo projects,
His role in the movie 8 Mile, his relationship
with Eminem growing up, and alot more..

- Hear the Freestyle he dropped for us:

Part 1- How did you get into rap?
Part 2-
Was that how you got the Hip Hop shop going with Maurice Malone?
Part 3-
How long you known Em-- How far after did you form D12?
Part 4-
How was it growing up with Eminem-- Got any funny stories?
Part 5-
How accurate was the movie 8 Mile compared to your guys' real life?
Part 6-
Tell us about your new project Electric Cool-Aid: Acid Test.
Part 7-
You're also working on 'Searching 4 Jerry Garcia' which is scheduled to hit stores on February 18, 2003.
Is this album complete -- Any collaborations?

Part 8- Every song on the album will represent a musical era. You wanna speak on that a little bit?
Part 9-
These will all be dropping from your new label 'IRON FIST'.  Who else will we see come outta your new label?
Part 10-
Any new dope rappers coming outta Detroit we should look for?
Part 11-
When will we see another D12 ALBUM?
Part 12-
So when is D12 going on tour again?
Part 13-
Are any other members of D12 working on solo stuff?
Part 14-
What rappers do you listen to?
Part 15-
What do ya think about the whole Eminem - Benzino beef going on?

Part 16-
Anything you wann say to your fans out there?
Part 17- Any last words?

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