Reapa Man - AKA- $R.M$

Taking the underground over by storm with in your face no holding back, evil street gangsta music is $R.M$ also known as Tha Reapa Man.

$R.M$ has been rapping for fifteen years and is only twenty-three years old. He has done songs with artists from Stressmatic of The Federations to Slim Thug and also underground artists such as Bloodshot, Studio Mike and Dark Preacha etc......

Tha Reapa Man has released over two-hundred songs into the underground and performed in over twenty U.S. states. $R.M$ has opened for acts such as King Gordy, R.B.L. Possie, Devon The Dude, D.J. Chill and Cool Nuts etc...

Currently Tha Reapa Man music is getting regular play over several online radio stations and soon to be on fm radio stations in California. $R.M$`s angry, raspy but stylish voice is one of a kind and can not be duplicated.

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