How High Soundtrack
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How High Movie Soundtrack.
Method Man & Redman's catalogue of Cds.
4 Redman albums, 2 Method Man albums Meth/Red's blackout
1. Part 2 - Method Man & Redman
2. Round & Round (remix)- Jonell & Method Man
3. Cisco Kid - Method Man & Redman featuring War and Cypress Hill
4. America's Most - Method Man & Redman
5. Let's Do It - Method Man & Redman
6. We Don't No How 2 Act - Redman
7. N2gether - Limp Bizkit featuring Method Man
8. Party Up - DMX
9. What's Your Fantasy - Ludacris featuring Shawnna
10. Da Rockwilder - Method Man & Redman
11. Bring Da Pain - Method Man
12. How To Roll A Blunt - Redman
13. All I Need - Method Man featuring Mary J. Blige
14. Big Dogs - Method Man & Redman
15. How High - Method Man & Redma
                                                      They've got their degrees all rolled up"
How High Soundtrack Info:
The soundtrack featues several new songs including, "Round and Round Remix" by Jonell and Method Man will be the first single "Cisco Kid" by Method Man & Redman featuring Cypress Hill & War will be the B side. The soundtrack will also feature classic Method Man and Redman tracks: "How High" and "The Rockwilder", as well as "N2gether Now" by Limp Bizkit featuring Method Man.

How High: The Movie:
When botanical whiz Silas (Method Man) and his slacker friend Jamal (Redman) smoke some powerful herb before their college entrance exams, their scores are so high they land Harvard scholarships.
Once they get there, they immediately bump heads with the stuffy school traditions and chaos and hilarity ensues. But when their supply of magical smoke runs low, they have find creative ways to keep up their grades--or else their collegiate dreams are history. By the time their first semester comes to end, it's clear Ivy League will never be the same!
How High Soundtrack in stores Dec. 11.
The movie opens wide December 21th on 1500 screens.
It stars Method Man, Redman, Hits and Lark Vorhees.How High was directed by Jesse Dylan,
Produced by Danny DeVito, Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher, Shauna Garr & James Ellis.
Executive Producers: Pamela Abdy and Louis G. Friedman
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