Robert Fein
David Homer
Mr O
Ethnicity: Black/Italian
Measurements: 34/26/37
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5'7"
Weight: --
Hair length: Long
Location: Houston, Texas via New York
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General Information:
"First and foremost, I am a perfectionist with everything I do. With my body, I seem to live and sleep in the gym, I eat the right foods, and stay away from drugs and alcohol. I love experiencing life, and I love that enough people have taken an interest in me that I have been able to travel the world to meet people in different cultures. Music is a link to my soul, and most definitely my sensuality. Give me a hypnotic reggae rhythm and I’ll begin moving without even realizing it. Reggae brings out of me
so much sexual energy that I sometimes have to listen to it alone at home. ;) New age, hip-hop (Lauryn Hill is my girl!), and old-school jazz always seem to put me in just the right mood."

"I have been in a few magazines over my few years of modeling. Some of these include Smooth Magazine, Bootylicious Mag(2002), Blackmens Magazine, XXL, and The Source. I have also have done a few TV shows such as The Howard Stern Show(where Howard commented that I have the best real boobs), and numerous times in PLAYBOY. I was also on a PLAYBOY commercial in 2001. I love all of my jobs I do but 1 of my favorite had to be hosting Spring Break on BET in 2002. It was so much fun. Also to mention I have been to about 200 or more photoshoots. I am a very hard worker and I love to achieve all of my jobs to the fullest I can. "

Work Interested In:

Film- Lingerie- Swimwear, Music Video/Print

HOBBIES: listening to music, taking photos, traveling, cooking, working out, video games,
Woody Allen movies

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