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SKIPP : Raw N Uncut

This kid is one to watch. He hails from the East coast, bringing that raw sound. Peep his story.

Skipp was raised at his father's recording studio in Boston, at his mother's art studio in Brookline, at his father's recording studio in New York, at his mother's art studio in Lincoln (a Boston suburb). His parents divorced when he was four, and moved apart soon after. Skipp was born into an artist's life. He was raised on weekend morning in New England on hardwood floors with a pet, a parent, and either Prince Records (at mom's) or a vocorder/keyboard (at dad's . . you know, '86).

Growing up in an upper-middle class town (namely, Brookline), Skipp was surrounded by the American Dream. His parents struggled, as most artists or parents of artists do. Fortunately, he learned at a young age that in order to be an artist, it's not necessary to be 'starving.' Fiercely, and stubbornly independent. Split-brained, he read TRUMP: THE ART OF THE DEAL in 1989, while nurturing a pre-teenage love for a thing called Rap Music.

High School, Drugs, Peers, Beers, Athletically DEclined, and a Gemini Sampler with the 8 second sample-loop option: Skipp wrote. Any four bar break to any rap song ever, turned very quickly into an instrumental. Skipp wrote. Freestyles, Battles, Respect, Fans, Response, Girls, Girls, staying money-hungry, Skipp majored in accounting, while nurturing his love for Rap Music.

Shortly after college, Skipp formed and produced for E3. As a member in the group, he saw 5 to 5,000 people staring at him on a stage waiting to hear that shit: Shows, Late-Nights, Big Names, Kanye West, Kool G Rap, KRS One, Guru, Talib Kweli, Joe Budden in Boston, Mass, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Virginia, Cincinatti, Montreal . . . . Border Patrol, Crowd control, and Fast Food. Stomach Ache. E3 Split. Skipp moved to New York City. Skipp moved to Los Angeles. Skipp headlined the Whisky A Go Go and ravaged the sunset strip. Skipp moved to St. Barth's. Skipp moved back to Boston.

While in Boston he released a full length, self produced album called Skipp City; the single, 'FAMOUS,' reached #2 on the college radio charts, accompanied by a feature video directed by John Colombo. Shortly after the release of Skipp City he returned to New York City where he currently resides.


His new project, 5AM, is truly an original composition where Skipp used no samples and produced the entire album. Lyrically, it is a biopic on the life he has lead up until this now. A reflection on the cities, experiences, and people he has met and known. The original album is now available worldwide, and the first single, The Upgrade ft Louie Bello is currently climbing the national college radio charts.

"5 AM" is Skipp's first full-length project using no samples, just original melodic inspiration & word instinct. Artists Louie Bello (the upgrade) and Sophia Lauren (wont change) collaborated with him. Most of the album was produced between the hours of 4 and 7 AM.

His previous album, "Skipp City" featured the single, 'FAMOUS,' which reached #2 on the college radio charts. The video was directed and produced by John Colombo.

In this new album, Skipp exposes his personal experiences and points of view on situations, and says words meant for people that were never said before. It's a biopic on the life he's led up til now. A reflection not only on the grind of getting by but on the dreams of getting ahead, on the cities, experiences, and people he's known, all fueled by a persistent love that keeps him up at night and makes him get up in the morning.

Free Agent. LP. 2007 (wtmn&co)
Skipp Whitman vs. Richard Pryor. MIXTAPE. 2009 (wtmn&co)
The Whitman Fiasco. MIXTAPE. 2009 (wtmn&co)
Skipp City. LP. 2011 (wtmn&co)
5AM. LP. 2012 (wtmn&co)

You can check him out HERE

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