Besides doing music--Snoop Dogg has expanded his resume in the new movie Starsky & Hutch.
Snoop plays the role of Huggy Bear. "Huggy Bear is the player that keeps the streets and the police connected," says Snoop. "He's the only type of character that can venture into all kinds of worlds and come back and remain himself." Snoop sees a correlation between the process behind his onscreen work and the creation of his music. "I approach everything the same way, with a winning attitude. I come in to win, so I felt like they gave me this role because they knew that nobody else could play Huggy Bear."

“I wanted to bring some additive flavors to the Huggy Bear character because I felt like he was sharp on TV, but there were some elements that he was missing. So I wanted to add my flavor to it and make sure it looked all the way fly.” The star was more than comfortable in his flashy apparel. “This is normal attire for me, so it’s nothing for me to flex and do what I do. It’s just like working in your regular shirt and your regular clothes.”

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