We got the opportunity to to sit down with Big Snoop Dogg and talk about
his new album and also get his views on a whole slew of questions you been
wondering about.

Part 1 - INTRO
Part 2 - Tell us about your new album 'PAID THA COST TO BE DA BOSS'?
Part 3 - What type of Vibe is the album about. Production/Artist wize?
Part 4 - Favorite joint of the album?
Part 5 - Sup with Lady of Rage? She comin with a new album?
Part 6 - Speak on
the ' Pimp Slapp'd' Track from the Album?
                 You checking Suge, Xzibit, and Kurupt?

Part 7 - Speak on the whole Kurupt thing with him back over at Death Row.
Part 8 - You think you can ever sit down and break bread with Suge and squash all the bullshit                  and move on in a positive direction, or is it way past that?
Part 9 - Use to be Gin & Juice in Hand. What's in that Pimp Goblet these Dayz?
                 Heard You quit smokin the Chronic?

Part 10 - Who you wanna work with next?
Part 11 - You and Dre still cool?
Part 12 - How's your DoggyStyle label doing?
Part 13 - Sup with Daz? You gonna get down with him on 'THA ROW KILLA' project?
Part 14 - Sup with The Eastsidaz? Heard it didn't work out on paper.
Part 15 -Jam Master Jay was a big loss to us. How did he affect you as a rapper?
Part 16 - What's you whole view on the state of Hip Hop right now?
Part 17 - What's next for Snoopy Dizzle?
Part 18 - Anybody you wanna get down with on 'CELEBRITY BOXING' ?
Part 19 - What's 'Chuuch' all about?
Part 20 - Appreciate you taking the time to chill with us. Good Luck with the album.


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