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S.O.G CREW : Goin' in

The S.O.G. Crew is a unique experience of modern Latin hip hop. Their music reveals a creative expression of their journeys in the west coast, east coast, down south, Midwest, Hawaiian Islands and Alaska. They have been established to reach all generations, nations, and countries through the influence of their ear-catching, banging beats and powerful lyrics. The group is comprised of Dr. Robert Ornelas (Battle Ax); a Doctor of Divinity, ordained Evangelist, Corina Gonzalez (DJ Siren); a Cal State University Northridge Graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Consumer Affairs and Marketing, Krista Rocha (Luminous V); a two-year college student, Robert Ornelas Jr. (Lil’ Battle Ax), and Jacqueline L. Garza (So Blessed).

"Our music describes where we came from and where we are going. We are a group full of energy and excitement, and our vision is to step on the scene and give our fans something new and fresh."

They have a new track/remix called "Welcome To My World" You can listen to the track HERE

The S.O.G. Crew, based in Anaheim, California, has been trailblazing the hip hop scene since 1999. Touring the U.S., Mexico, Hawaii, and Alaska multiple times and dropping their first album ' We Rise to Get Down' in 2005. This fearless team has entered night clubs, coffee houses, colleges, universities, high schools, prisons, rehabs, and project housing, reservations, amongst places to take the influence of their music into places where none have dared to enter. Having performed before Mayors, worked with every Native American Indian Tribe in the U.S. and elite artists in the entertainment industry, been seen at multiple conferences, city- wide events and performed before Chambers of Commerce board members; their music is not the only highly desirable and sought after trait, but also, their exceptionally influential speaking and mentoring abilities to both children and families, and Hollywood entertainers, musicians, and actors.

The S.O.G. Crew has also built a network comprising of LYFFM (annual concert), SOG Media Promotions & Productions, ‘Elite TV’, ‘Up That Game’ with S.O.G. television show, S.O.G. Crew Mobile App and Whirlwind Music Entertainment; avenues in which they can reach out to the world with their talents.

With a current global fan base of a 125,000+ network, independent album sales of ‘Up That Game’, ‘We Rise to Get Down’, their current Street and Internet promotions go far utilizing all aspects of word of mouth promotions at interviews with television, red carpet, radio stations, 200+ annual concerts average per year; flyers and posters at merchandise booths, clothing promotion and street team promotions in Hollywood, Nashville, New York, Chicago, Atlanta and other major cities.

Their internet promotions stretch just as far including their own multiple blog sites, videos, live streaming through bands main site, websites on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter, campaigns through S.O.G. Media Promotions (CA), Black Gospel Promo (PA), and Cross Rhythms (UK), Risen Magazine (CA), and Chicano Rap Magazine (CA), as well as being carried on major sites such as: yahoo, aol, itunes, youtube, clear channel, Windows Media, Walmart, Verizon, Starbucks, Virgin Mobile, TMobile, Thumbplay, Sirius XM Radio, Univision, and MTV.

2007-Up That Game
2008-APX Not Of It
2008- Supaman Shut Em Down
2009-Jerusalem Single
2010-Christafari La Entrada De Triunfo
2011- Where Legends Are Born

You can check out their music HERE

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