SOLIS - Hailing from Milwaukee

Solis is a midwest native originally from Milwaukee, WI. Music and performing has always been a part of her life. As a young child her mother always had music playing, and in her teen years Solis began writing poetry and songs and performing on stage in forensic competitions.

In the beginning, Solis had never shared her musical talent or aspirations with anyone, but while attending the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee she was introduced to J Benji of Krunk Boy Entertainment (K.B.E.) aka The Biz. Curious about Solis' talent, J Benji invited her to collaborate on a track and liked her style. After recording, Solis fully realized her passion for recording Hiphop music and began recording as a solo artist.

"My music has a mellow east coast vibe but can build to a harder hip hop edge. My sound overlaps across all boundaries of hiphop from club music to Jill Scott poetry flows."

Since her first recording, Solis has recorded numerous tracks and is working on her first album. In regards to her songs, Solis believes in good beats ( which is regularly supplied to her by the best producer in Milwaukee, Black T.O.N.E) and lives by the motto "lyrics first". With every song she sets out to tell a story or paint a picture. Solis is also heavily influenced by other genres of music besides Hiphop which brings a creative twist and uniqueness to her music. Every one of her tracks has a distinct quality from each other but all represent who she is.

Solis has been sucessfully progressing in the rap industry, but it has not been without challenges. Being a female in a male dominated industry in a less exposed city can have many disadvantages, but Solis always rises to the occasion. Even though people tend to have stereotypical views of female rappers, Solis does not focus on the negative and continues to exceed expectations.

Solis has many influences from all genres of music from Tribe Called Quest and Pharrell to No Doubt, John Mayer and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.Two of her inspirations are Kiesha Cole because of her determination and talent, and Beyonce for her outstanding performance skills. There are definately many people Solis would like to work with but Missy Elliot, Lil Wayne and Pharell would definately be at the head of her list.

In the future Solis plans to stay on her grind, keep making good music and make her mark in the music industry.

How did you know music was your calling?
Music has always been a part of my life. I've always loved to write and compose music and perform. As I got older I began to realize my talent and I just knew it was for me.

When did you actually decide to make music your career choice? I'm actually an honor student at my college and I had some other career choices lined up, but after I actually began recording my music I knew that I wanted to persue it professionally. When I listened to my recordings I realized they sounded just as good if not better than some of the stuff out there on the radio. Quite honestly, if some of these other cats could make it why couldn't I.

What type of category do you put your music in?
I have a style I feel is all my own and does not perfectly fit under any one category. I love all styles of hip hop and my music varies from song to song. I always try to have a little somethin for everyone cause I love all my people! As an artist I have love for all genres of music and I feel that comes out in my music. One day I might be on some gansta club banga shit and another day I might be on a poetry vibe.

How do you feel about Hip-Hop music in general, and, in particular, women in rap? I feel like there are a lot of self-righteous cats out there that always want to define what's real Hip-Hop, but I feel like who the fuck are they. Hip-Hop has evolved into many categories of rap. I feel like every artist has their own voice and story to tell and it's not going to be the same as the next man. If your story is about rims and gettin money then keep it real and do you. If you a philosophical type cat and that's what you on then do you. Just don't judge the next man for expressing his experiences. In general I love Hip-Hop and think it's moving in the right direction. I think there are some real creative artist out there doing their thing.

As for women rappers, to me there is no difference. A good mc is a good mc. To my female mcs, all I can say is the male ego is a bitch and to keep pressin through all the bullshit. I gotta lotta real cats out there that show me love but when a man realizes that the chick next to him is 100 x better he can't handle it. PLus you got females that just gone hate on you cause that's what they do. But true talent is always gonna shine. Also, I can't stand the fact the people act like females always gotta fight for the same spot. It's like a million dudes in rap but there can only be a few females? Crazy. Just like men rappers have different styles, so do us females so there is enough room for all of us to do our thang.

What has been the best thing that has happened to you so far?
Man everything! I'm just enjoyin the ride. JUst being able go to the studio,record my music and connect with people on another level is a blessing in itself. I just look forward to the future cause I know it's only gonna get better.

Have you linked up with any big names yet? I mean, are you networking 24/7? Of course I'm always networking. Any smart artist does. I have been approached by various artists to work on projects and I would love to do a few things, but in this game you really got to weigh your options and read the fine print. Everybody is not always who they seem to be and every opportunity is not as good as it first sounds. Right now I'm really trying to just focus on my skills and keep putting out hot tracks and the right people will fall in my path.

Who do you want to work with?
The list goes on and on. Missy Elliot, Lil Wayne , John Mayer, Q-Tip, Pharell. I'll stop there. I have so many ideas, I would work with people that nobody would expect.

Anything else you wanna put out there, last words?
Be on the look out for my album dropping late summer. Solis is on the move. Also, to everyone that's been supporting me and getting my music out there, I appreciate you more than you will ever know. I also want to give props to my executive producer J Benji and my people from The Biz, Shaunny Mac and Black T.O.N.E. Last but not least, thank you Rap Industry for this interview and allowing me another avenue to connect with the people.

Rapper/songwriter/co-producer - Solis

Executive Producer -J Benji of The Biz
Production - Black T.O.N.E

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