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Hair: Dark Blonde
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Height: 5'1"
Measurements: 34/24/33


Teagan Presley was born in 1985 under a Leo sun in Houston, Texas. She’s the oldest sibling and helped raise 3 brothers and 3 sisters. With insatiable energy driving her and an innate desire for stardom, Teagan began training in dance and gymnastics when she turned 7. Even though she relocated to southern California when she was 10, nothing could stop her from training and she performed in national ballet, jazz and gymnastics competitions, including Starpower and Showstoppers. She was a dedicated athlete and became a principle ballet dancer for Dance Dynamics and a co-captain of their jazz dance team. She went on to dance with Joffery Ballet and was later accepted into the American Ballet Theater.

At 15 years old, Teagan Presley represented the United States at dance and gymnastic events in Germany and Denmark. Teagan continued competing nationally until she graduated high school at 17. Amidst her aggressive training, Teagan fell in love with Southern California. She excelled in school; her love for dance kept her away from typical teenage experimentation with drinking and drugs. At the end of the day, Teagan would turn her energies towards the computer where she became familiar with the Internet and taught herself programs like Adobe® Photoshop®. It wasn’t until she was a junior in high school that Teagan began wondering about sex and boys. Curious what all the fuss was about, she shared her first kiss with a close girlfriend at a slumber party when she was 16. After that first kiss Teagan slowly began experimenting sexually. She lost her virginity when she was 17 to her first boyfriend and it was a wonderful, exciting experience.

In an effort to gain some privacy from her family, Teagan began working at a Chinese bistro and saving her money. Eventually she was able to move out but the bills piled up. With rent due and no money in the bank, Teagan teamed dancing with taking off her clothes. Thrilled and empowered with her newly found sexuality, Teagan yearned for more. Within a few months, Teagan put her computer savvy to the test and found a XXX agent on the Internet. Teagan Presley performed in her first adult video in January of 2004. She loved it and went on to make 40 movies in 8 months. During this time she decided that in addition to putting money in the bank and having fun, she wanted to make a name for herself. At the advice of many Adult industry veterans, Teagan turned to Digital Playground, the female owned and operated company famous for creating stars, high production values and interactive digital technology. Since signing with Digital Playground, Teagan has filmed Jack’s Playground 14 and Jack’s Teen America 1, as well as her first feature film, Contract Star, and her star vehicle, Teagan Erotique. All titles earned awards for Digital Playground and in 2004, CAVR named Teagan ‘Starlet of the Year’, RogReviews
declared her ‘Best Newbie’, F.O.X.E. presented her with their “Vixen” plaque and AFWG deemed her “Best New Starlet”. Teagan’s latest productions, Virtual Sex™ with Teagan Presley and Pirates, was released in 2005.

In 2005, Teagan Presley dominated the cable networks, ShowTime’s “Family Business” featured her bungee jumping naked and she shot for an upcoming episode of HBO’s “Entourage”. Teagan has also received numerous magazine covers including People, Front, AFWG, Oui, High Society and AVN. With more cover photo shoots lined up for every magazine under the sun,
a variety of fascinating roles in high-end Digital Playground productions, the sky is the limit for this rising super star!

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