TRACKWIDE: "Same Day Different Bank Account!"
By : Todd Davis

Trackwide derives from their music being a universal sound, a music track sound that can be played and connected with worldwide. Trackwide has performed in popular San Diego venues like The World Beat Center in Balboa Park, Bassmnt (formally known as Belo) in The Gaslamp, and UCSD’s Porter’s Pub. Most notably, Trackwide has opened for popular Hip-Hop artists Curren$y (who has done many projects with Wiz Khalifa), Nipsey Hussle (of All Money Records, has songs with Jay Z and Rick Ross, among others) and Talib Kweli (known for his advocacy; was on CNN for the Michael Brown case).

One thing we know how to do is turn up! So, we definitely bring the influence of our experiences with women, liquor and overall daily living.

Mischif and Deuce iLL grew up in rival neighborhoods of Southeast San Diego surrounded by friction in the streets. In 2007, the two came together and formed Trackwide to showcase another side of young men growing up in the area.

The duo most recently released two separate solo albums, “Train 89" by Deuce iLL and "Genre" by Mischif. The “Genre” album, comprised of melodic and Hip-Hop, was recognized by B-Real TV, and the song “Blazin” was voted #1 Music Video by Snoop Dogg's Underground Heat.

Trackwide has recorded with a mix of popular San Diego MC’s, performed at some of San Diego’s most popular venues, and was nominated for "Hip Hop Album of the Year" at the 2013 San Diego Music Awards.


First things first, please introduce for me the members of TRACKWIDE…

Mischif: I go by the name of Mischif.

Deuce iLL: I go by the name of Deuce iLL...And we make up Trackwide!

How did the two of you actually come together to form the group?

Deuce iLL: We met in high school and were classmates. We actually didn't like each other, and somehow ended up doing music with each other and some other people we ran with.

Mischif: Yeah, we actually fought in class over a do-rag! But over time, we realized we had a lot in common and ended up meeting up daily to record tracks together.

Now you all are both natives of Southeast San Diego, CA, correct? So growing up there, who all did you all consider to be your strongest musical influences?

Deuce iLL: Yeah, we both are from Southeast, San Diego. I grew up listening to basically what was played around me, mostly West Coast rap; 2Pac, Brotha Lynch (Hung), Mac Dre and stuff like that.

Mischif: I grew up around a lot of old school and '90’s R&B. I was always into mainstream music when I was younger, so I kept up with the hottest music and videos out...Which is almost the opposite now.

At what point in time exactly did you all even opt to pursue music professionally?

Mischif: I always wanted to do music professionally, but it didn't become something that actually seemed possible until me and Deuce put our work out in the city and started to get good feedback.

Deuce iLL: Yeah, once we started putting our music out to people, we knew and were receiving good feedback over the years -- during college especially -- I felt like we could really pursue this as a career.

Where does your moniker, TRACKWIDE, originally derive from?

Deuce iLL: It derives from the word “worldwide,” and we replaced “world” with “track.” Since we started together, we always had a wide variety of tracks that all different types of people can relate to.

How then would you all describe and/or define the style of music that you all create and perform?

Mischif: I would say that we create "mood" music or just "feel good" music, period. A lot of our music consists of storytelling about things that actually happen to us in real life. So when we make a track, it usually creates a relatable vibe.

Deuce iLL: One thing we know how to do is turn up! So, we definitely bring the influence of our experiences with women, liquor and overall daily living.

You titled your new project G.A.S. -- Conceptually, what does that name represent both to and for you all?

Mischif: We called the project G.A.S., which is an acronym for a “Gang A Singles.” We felt like each track on the project represents and can hold its own as a single in its own way. We approached the writing in a different way than we usually do, especially working with Abjo. His production definitely brought the writing skills out in us and created a single vibe, so we ran with it. This project wasn't about being the best lyricists, but writing conceptual songs that stuck to the listener.

Longevity, what do you all feel will be the ultimate key to your longstanding success in music?

Deuce iLL: Staying creative, being able to stay relatable to the listeners and always staying true to ourselves, while growing and staying consistent.

Mischif: Yeah, we were always good at staying true to our own sound, and making music that can be considered forever music and would still be considered relatable and relevant from 10 years ago until now. We just have to keep expanding and living life to produce the results.

Do you all have any other outside/additional aspirations, maybe even completely away from music?

Deuce iLL: I want to own a restaurant one day; I worked in the field for a while, so in turn it became something I think I would pursue if the opportunity came.

Mischif: I engineer and record most of our music and have been doing so over the years, so I definitely wouldn't mind pursuing a career in recording/engineering.

On a more serious note, are you all happy with the current state of Hip Hop? And, even more specifically, West Coast rap, or the lack thereof?

Mischif: I think that Hip Hop is headed in the right direction. I don’t think it’s our job to say if we are "happy," but our job is to impact Hip Hop. A lot of West Coast Hip Hop, or at least mainstream Hip Hop, has a similar sound to it, and I’ve always tried to stray away from sounding similar. I can say that we do have artists who are equalizing Hip Hop and bringing it back to its original form, but as a whole the current state is cool and can only go up!

Deuce iLL: I definitely think Hip Hop came back. I feel like there are a lot more lyricists in mainstream Hip Hop than in the recent years. As far as West Coast rap, it’s definitely on the rise again and is making an impact in the industry. Eventually, I believe we can contribute and do the same. So overall, yeah, I’m happy with the state of Hip Hop.

To date, what has been your biggest Hip Hop moment(s)?

Mischif: I would say the biggest hip hop moment for me was the day my music video was recognized at #1 on Snoop’s Underground Heat (top 10) countdown. I got a lot of exposure and good feedback, from not just the nation but different countries.

Deuce iLL: It would have to be when we got nominated for 'Hip Hop Album of the Year' at the 2013 San Diego Music Awards. Showed me that people are paying attention to our movement, and that we can and have bigger goals to accomplish.

Looking ahead, say five or maybe even ten years from now, where do you all see yourselves?

Mischif: Honestly, I see us doing the same things we do now; making great music, living life to the fullest, and, of course, everything that comes with the life of a rap artist. We pride ourselves on staying true to who we are, so same day just a different bank account!

Deuce iLL: I’m going to have to agree with Mischif; still being consistent with the music, taking advantage of what life has to offer. We always kept a close knit circle, so same day different bank account!

As for the immediate future, what's next for you all?

Deuce iLL: Definitely more great music, visuals; expanding and just overall branding ourselves.

In addition, you all both have your respective solo endeavors as well -- Care to shed a little light on Deuce's Train 89 LP and Genre by you, Mischif...

Deuce iLL: Train 89 was my latest project, which was produced by Mischif. It was a look into my past until now, in an 8 track EP shedding a little light on my upbringing coming out of Southeast, San Diego, to the artist I became now.

Mischif: Genre was a solo album I did with deejay, V-Rock. It was a collection of melodic and lyrical vocals over break-beats, gearing more towards the underground Hip Hop scene, describing my daily life and situations I was going through. Both our solo projects built a nice platform for Trackwide to bring our joint project to the listeners.

Is there anything I left out or just plain forgot to mention?

Deuce iLL: We are known in the city of San Diego for a lil something called “#BrownUp”; basically we only drink and I mean ONLY drink brown liquor!

Mischif: Yeah, we basically created a movement and throw events that are all about the "turn up," and as Deuce said Brown liquor ONLY! If you take a look into our visuals, music and lives, we definitely show you what our party life is like!

Are there any "parting" words for our readers?

Deuce iLL: Yaah and track that 2 times!

Mischif: Track that; TRK signing out! For more information about G.A.S., check us out on our website: -- STAY TUNED PEOPLE! @TrackWide_TRK

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